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What Is Jas in the Bible

    The Book of Jasher – The Book of the Upright in the Bible

    The Book of Jasher is a very important book in the Bible. This book is about the Upright and the Just Man. It contains the most important principles that you should follow in order to live a happy life. Read this article to find out more about the Book of Jasher and its importance.

    Book of the Upright

    The Book of the Upright in the Bible, or Jasher, is an ancient Hebrew book which, though it has never been fully translated, contains several interesting stories. In the Greek Septuagint, the title means “Book of the Just Ones” and in the Latin Vulgate, it means “Book of the Upright.” The book is often read as a reference to the Pentateuch, but this interpretation has faced many criticisms.

    The Book of the Upright contains two parts. The first contains a passage referring to the life of Moses. The second part contains the history of the people Moses led. The third part of the Book of Jasher contains a number of other historical figures. It also contains a passage from Jasher, which is often cited as a source for the events described in the Book of Jasher.

    Those who are upright in heart should praise the LORD. It is a delight of the LORD to listen to the prayer of the upright. Those who are wicked and perverse will fall in naughtiness, whereas upright people are blessed by the LORD. Wickedness will lead to death.

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