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What Is Sop in the Bible

    What is Sop in the Bible?

    A sop is a small, ceremonial token that is sometimes used to express affection or friendship. A sop is given to honor guests to show them how important they are. Jesus’ stewards often rewarded the most trustworthy disciples with one. Judas Iscariot was one of these people.

    It was given to an honored guest

    The sop in the Bible was a dish given to the honored guest of a meal. It was a small, round piece of bread that was dipped in a sauce. This sop was the first course served to the honored guest. Traditionally, this guest sat to the left of the host. In the Bible, Judas Iscariot was considered an honored guest. When Christ asked him to betray him, he replied, “It is.” Then, Satan took possession of him and he betrayed him.

    The Bible also uses the word “psomion” to refer to this meal. It means “to soak food in liquid before eating it.” Psomion is used in the Bible in several places. It is similar to the Greek word psomizo, but the Biblical definition is different.

    It was a sign of friendship

    Sop is the Hebrew tradition of sharing bread dipped in broth with friends. The act of sharing food with others demonstrates close friendship. Traditionally, sop is given to honor guests and honored guests. When a guest gives a sop to a host, the host is showing honor and love for the person and all of those present.

    Sharing food with people implied friendship and peace in the ancient world. Therefore, phrases like “breaking bread” were used as expressions of cooperation and friendship. One instance in the Bible of Jesus washing Judas’ feet before He dies, shows the friendship Jesus has for the man plotting His death.

    It was a kind of improvised spoon

    “Sop” is an ancient Hebrew word for “improvised spoon.” This word was derived from the Hebrew word for a wafer-like morsel of bread dipped in liquid during a meal. It was used by many ancient cultures as an improvised spoon.

    The sop was used to serve the food. It was often used by the people of a feast. This was a way to serve special treats to the guests. It is interesting to note that Judas’ position at the table was not a random act. It was due to a deep purpose in the heart of Jesus.

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