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What Is Spiritism in the Bible

    Bible Verses About Spiritism

    Spiritism is a modern attempt to revive paganism. It claims there is no sin and accepts the lies of the Devil. Let’s look at some Bible verses about Spiritism. These verses are ranked by the number of votes they have received. We will explore them one by one and discuss why they are wrong.

    Spiritism is an attempt to revive paganism

    Pagan religions were generally polytheistic and pantheistic and associated with nature. Some practiced worship of goddesses and were highly spiritual, with rituals involving offering food, chanting, and lighting incense. Many of them criticized Christianity, claiming that it was incompatible with their spiritual beliefs. Many pagans also identified with Satanism or the New Age Movement.

    It teaches that there is no sin

    Spiritism is a belief system that rejects the Bible as holy and infallible. This belief is contradicted by Scripture, as the apostle Peter states, “No prophecy of scripture is a private interpretation.” Likewise, prophecies in the Old Testament did not come by the will of man, but by the Holy Spirit. Witchcraft is condemned in the Bible, as it is considered an abomination.

    The Bible does not teach that we can have any sin, and the idea that sin is a matter of choice is simply untrue. This belief is incompatible with the very concept of God. To be able to approach God and receive his love and forgiveness, we must first be sanctified. Without that, we will be judged forever.

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    The Bible also teaches that sin was created through Adam, the first human being, and brought death into the world. This is contrary to secular thought, which views death as a normal part of life. Biblical thought, on the other hand, views death as the final enemy of mankind, conquered at the return of Christ. However, the term “death” in these verses is not necessarily physical death, but spiritual death.

    The Bible states that God is one and that Christ and the Holy Spirit are one. This concept is also consistent with the idea that the human spirit and the Holy Spirit are one. It does not make sense to live in two separate worlds.

    It accepts lies of the Devil

    Spiritism accepts the lies of the Devil, but it does not reject God. Satan is not stupid; he knows that Christians are susceptible to deception, and he knows that these false teachings will result in lost souls. Satan used Scripture to tempt Jesus, and Paul says that the deceptions will increase as the end nears.

    While some people claim that the devil is a personal, literal being, many scriptures deny this and reject the idea of a personal devil. The devil, in Christ’s temptation, represents the human side of Christ’s nature. He is also a representative of Herod.

    The devil has the power of death. Jesus died to defeat the devil. Satan is the “father of lies” because he consistently contradicts God’s Word. Moreover, he was a murderer from the beginning. This is why it is important to reject his lies and turn to the truth of God. We should never be tempted by the devil’s lies, because God created us, and He values us.

    The devil lies to us in many ways. His lies entice us to do things we are not willing to do. He uses the falsehoods of Scripture to distract us from God’s will. He is a deceiver and does not belong in the kingdom of God.

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