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What Is the Longest Psalm in the Bible

    What is the Longest Psalm in the Bible?what is the longest psalm in the bible

    If you are a Bible buff and want to know how many words are in Psalm 119, then you have come to the right place. Learn how many words are in this acrostic poem and how it originated. It is not as long as you might think, but it is one of the longest psalms in the bible.

    Psalm 119

    Psalm 119 is a long and profound Psalm in the Bible. It is the longest psalm, and it is also one of the longest chapters of the Bible. It has been the subject of many books and sermons, including one by the Reformer and theologian John Calvin. Many believe that this psalm was written by King David, who wrote more than 70 psalms. Although this is not true, the psalm has been studied extensively throughout history and is considered to be the longest Psalm in the Bible. Its content is so rich, it can be considered a user’s manual on how to encounter God through the Word.

    The theme of Psalm 119 is the punishment of ungodly people, and it seems to refer to this in the context of Israel’s exile from Egypt. During the exile, the Israelites were terrorized by the Egyptians, so they fled. However, God preserved them and opened the Red Sea to allow them to cross. The Egyptians were terrified of them, and God provided a way out for them.

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    acrostic poem

    The Bible contains several examples of acrostic poetry. For instance, Lamentations chapter one has twenty-two verses, each containing three lines. Each stanza begins with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. In verses two through four, each word is paired with three or four lines. The final stanza, verse 64-66, has three lines beginning with the letter taw.

    Another example of an acrostic poem in Scripture is Psalm 111. This psalm is made up of twenty-two verse units, each beginning with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The first letter in each line spells out a meaningful word.

    number of words

    The number of words in the longest psalm in the Bible varies by translation. One version includes more than 176 verses. This psalm is a popular choice for children and adults alike because it is written in plain language and is easy to understand. Psalm 119 is considered a psalm of faith because it focuses on the Word of God. Nearly every verse references the Word of God. It also uses various synonyms such as the law of the Lord, statutes, decrees, and commands.

    Psalm 119 is the longest psalm in the Bible, and has 176 verses and 22 stanzas. It is also the longest chapter in the Bible. The length of the psalm is a reflection of its content, which is a celebration of God’s faithfulness.


    The origin of the longest psalm in the Bible is controversial. Though older commentators say it was written by David, more modern scholars say it is post-exilic. This means that it was written after the exile, possibly during the time of Nehemiah or Ezra. However, the name David would have been preserved by God if the psalm had been written at a later date. Regardless of its author, the psalm lacks a definite flow and is likely written by more than one person.

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    Psalm 118/119 is a psalm about God’s law. It consists of twenty-two stanzas, each with eight verses. Each verse begins with the same letter of the alphabet. All but five verses talk about the Law.


    The meaning of the longest psalm in the Bible can be found in its context. The psalmist, a man of God, expresses his faith in God’s word and expresses his hatred for the false ways of men. He cannot love the truth without also hating the false way of life. As Jesus taught, we cannot serve two masters. So, it is important to understand the psalmist’s grief over sin and the consequences of sin.

    The psalmist viewed his devotion to God more important than natural refreshment. This meant that he had to sacrifice sleep in pursuit of God’s word. He also showed great reverence to God in secret devotion. He knew that praise requires soul and body. He also had good friends who shared God’s word with him. In addition to these people, he enjoyed friendship with the people who worship God and follow his precepts.


    The longest psalm in the Bible is Psalm 119. This psalm is quite long, and many works have been written about it. For example, Puritan preacher Thomas Manton wrote three volumes on the psalm. His work spanned 1,677 pages and 190 chapters.

    The psalm has 22 stanzas and 176 verses. It is written in the form of an acrostic poem, with each verse beginning with the same Hebrew letter. The psalm is about the Bible, and is almost entirely a prayer.

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