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What Is the Shortest Psalm in the Bible

    What Is the Shortest Psalm in the Bible?

    The shortest Psalm in the Bible is Psalm 117. Its small length belies its great faith and reach. Martin Luther devoted 35 pages to it in his commentaries, and five great sermons have been preached from its verses. In this article, Dr. James Boice explores the meaning of this short Psalm.

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    psalm 119

    Psalm 119 is the longest psalm in the Bible. As a result, many books have been written on it. The Puritan preacher Thomas Manton wrote three volumes on the psalm, totaling 1,677 pages and 190 chapters. He emphasized the importance of God’s word and how we should keep it.

    Psalm 119 contains various elements of worship and prayer. It includes prayers of praise, lament, obedience, and vindication. It also includes prayers for wisdom. These elements are interwoven throughout the psalm. Psalm 119 also contains a number of parallelisms. These parallelisms are typical of Hebrew poetry and can be used to explain or emphasize a particular point.

    Psalm 119 is a testament to the everlasting love of God for the church. It was originally given to the Jews, but it is also a call to the Gentiles. It explains the eternal love of God and how His people can be confident in His presence.

    Psalm 119 is the shortest psalter in the Bible. The verses are written in an acrostic format, with each stanza beginning with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. There are 176 verses in all.

    Psalm 119 has an acrostic structure. Its verse divisions are inspired by God. In contrast, the verse divisions in other Old Testament psalms were assigned by Jewish rabbi Nathan in AD 1448. The acrostic structure of psalm 119 makes it easier to memorize.

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    The psalmist understood the true value of God’s word. It gave him joy as great as riches. Christians should ask themselves how much they would be willing to sacrifice to hear God’s word again. This would be a good starting point for a devotional journey.