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What’s Done in the Dark Bible Verse

    God Sees Everything Done in the Dark Bible Verse

    Good deeds and righteous living done in the dark

    The Bible says that good deeds and righteous living that is done in the dark will be noticed by God. This means that the things that are hidden in private rooms will one day come to light. Therefore, we should try to avoid doing things that are hidden in the dark because God sees everything that is done in the dark.

    As believers, we must strive to live our lives in the light of God. The light of God transforms the environment and the life of people around us. We need to keep challenging ourselves and our fellow believers to be on fire for God and do good deeds and righteous living.

    Jesus said, “While there is light, walk.” We must not walk in the darkness because it is dangerous and blinding. The darkness is our ignorance of God and our rebellion against Him. The light of the gospel is the believer’s knowledge of the truth of God, creation, and the gospel. It is a life in view of realities the world rejects.

    Believers also expose the darkness by living holy lives. The devil is the darkness, and Jesus is the light. People who are spiritually blind cannot see or understand the gospel, and they are on the road to hell. If they had light, they would turn to the light. However, those who are so consumed by sin won’t even come near the light because they fear being exposed.

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    The day of reckoning is a period of time when those who fail to repent will face the consequences of their actions. Even if the action is done in the dark, God is aware of it and will bring the appropriate punishment. The world around us is filled with examples of injustices, and most of us are aware of areas where justice is not being served.

    Satan’s blindness

    We should be careful of the influence of Satan. He tries to fool people into thinking that he is an angel of light. The goal of this deception is to gain access to the human heart. Satan is an expert at parlaying darkness and concealing light. That’s why he tries to make us think we’re walking in the light, when in reality we’re walking in darkness.

    Satan is the god of the dark world. He blinds people so that they cannot see the light of the Gospel. This happens through sin, which he allows to blind us. The Bible tells us that sin causes blindness. But sin also blinds us to reality. By the time we recognize that we’re blind, we’re able to turn around and choose to see the light of the gospel.

    When we are blind, we seek fellowship with other people like us. We don’t look for the light, but we seek fellowship with others who share our blindness. When we seek fellowship with such people, we are never able to come to the light. Instead, we continue to fall deeper into darkness.

    The devil was once the prettiest angel in heaven. Now he has fallen. He is a master of disguise. He uses a variety of tactics to deceive people into falling into his trap. The only way to stop him is to be faithful to God.

    We must learn from the lessons of history to understand the devil’s tactics. In the Bible, Jesus and His apostles warn us of the dangers we may face as a result of sin. In the end, God will preserve us all from sin. This is why we must be vigilant in protecting ourselves against Satan’s schemes.

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    God’s justice

    It is difficult to defend God’s justice and goodness in the face of so much injustice. After all, if a just God does not tolerate evil, how can he be considered just? The Bible addresses this concern in Habakkuk. It explains the problem and offers some possible answers.

    Justice is a central theme of the Bible. God never acts out of vindictiveness, but out of justice. No one is safe from God’s justice. God is aware of every single thing that happens in this world. No one is too big or too small to intimidate God. Those with power and wealth do not have the ability to escape God’s judgment.

    God’s justice is righteous and holy. In the Bible, we see God as a just judge. He is strict in His judgment of sinners. He will repay his wrongdoers with appropriate vengeance. His righteous judgment is unending and without mercy or regard for persons.

    While God’s justice in this world may not be readily apparent, He will be revealed in the light of Jesus Christ. In the meantime, the justice of God will remain hidden until that day. The sacrificial death of Jesus will make God’s justice manifest in the world.

    The Bible is full of examples of the ways God sees our deeds. In the past, darkness was preferred by men, but God allowed light to come into the world. This is a good thing. After all, we cannot be hypocritical before God. Hypocrisy will be exposed.

    When we suffer, we can long for God’s justice. He is our only true and righteous judge, and His justice is what we seek. But he is merciful, too. He has a passion for justice, and he loves mercy. Despite our sins and suffering, he will continue to seek justice for us.