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What’s in the Bible Curriculum

    What’s in the Bible Curriculum?whats in the bible curriculum

    When selecting a bible curriculum, look for curriculum that follows the overarching storyline of the Bible. While many follow a chronological progression, it is important to consider the interconnectedness of the Bible’s stories. The content should reflect this, using the whole story as a driving force.

    Hands-On Bible Curriculum

    The Hands-On Bible Curriculum utilizes experience-based learning methods to teach God’s Word. With more than a hundred fun activities and full-text New Living Translation texts, this curriculum will walk your kids through the Bible. Designed to be user-friendly, this curriculum is designed for preschool through middle school age groups.

    Elevate is a great choice for weekend, mid-week, and day camps. The curriculum consists of Base Packs, each covering eight weeks of lessons with a common theme. These kits include everything needed to teach large groups and small groups. Many Elevate curriculum is also interactive and can incorporate actors and live performances. Explora is another option for preschool and early childhood programs. It features a colorful curriculum for kids ages three to twelve. It focuses on the Bible as the greatest adventure in life.

    The Hands-On Bible Curriculum is guaranteed to work! Because the curriculum uses a hands-on approach, the lessons stay in the mind of kids for weeks, months, and even years. The curriculum also features an audio CD featuring the same great music and sound effects. This CD is also great for emergency copies or additional class times.

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    Veggie Tales

    For children, Veggie Tales in the Bible curriculum can be a fun way to get them into the Bible. The curriculum is made up of 8 Bible stories and includes full-color videos, which teach important lessons in the Bible. It also includes a dictionary and 100 key Bible verses.

    The show’s format is reminiscent of The Muppet Show, where viewers are able to see the backstage problems that the characters face. Likewise, VeggieTales is structured to provide an educational perspective through the characters’ everyday lives. It features a host of recurring characters, including Larry the Cucumber, Jerry Gourd, and Jean-Claude Pea.

    The show has won numerous awards and cult status, making it an excellent choice for Christian families. Many VeggieTales episodes have biblical themes. Those about the Bible are usually not explicit, but the episodes often feature biblical stories that are adapted from popular literature. As with any video, Christian parents should exercise discernment when allowing their children to watch the show.

    ABC Digital

    ABC Digital in the Bible curriculum is a complete program for kids ages four to ten that teaches them about God and how to have a heart like God. Parents can use this curriculum for homeschooling, backyard bible clubs, and even mid-week services. The curriculum comes with a free trial so you can see how it works for you.

    You can access lesson materials online or through a mobile app. The program schedules classes for you, and it sends reminders via email so you can prepare ahead of time. The software also allows you to highlight key sections of a lesson. You can even manage your team of teachers and invite substitutes to your classes.

    LIFEPAC Bible

    LIFEPAC Bible is a basic curriculum that emphasizes a Christian worldview and an academic study of both the Old and New Testaments. This curriculum utilizes the King James Version of the Bible and is ideal for students in grades one through twelve. It integrates a Christian life-view into academic study and includes seven major themes.

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    LIFEPAC Bible Grade 6 curriculum is a methodical unit-based curriculum for students who enjoy workbooks. Students complete the curriculum at their own pace and can monitor their progress with self-tests and assessment tools. Students can complete lessons as often as they need. The LIFEPACS program is also flexible enough to accommodate students of different ages.

    LIFEPAC’s curriculum sets contain 10 workbooks and a Teacher’s Guide. Each workbook contains tests and lesson plan suggestions. The workbooks are consumable and are not designed to be used as textbooks. LIFEPAC is designed for children who can complete lessons independently without much assistance from their teachers. In addition to the print version, LIFEPAC also has a computer CD version. The computer version has an automatic grading system.