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What’s the Shortest Chapter in the Bible

    Psalm 117

    Psalm 117 is a short chapter of the Bible that teaches that the Messiah came to save both Jews and Gentiles. In fact, it is the shortest chapter in the Bible and is considered one of the most precious and prophetic psalms. Although it is often viewed as a psalm for the pious, it contains a hidden meaning for everyone.

    This unique Psalm is quoted by Paul in Romans 15:11. It reveals God’s plan for salvation to include Gentiles. In a glorious future, Israel and all peoples will worship God together. This vision is fulfilled when Jesus died on the cross and became the Saviour of the world.

    The Psalms are a book in the Bible that contains no chapters. It would have been easier to break up the Psalms into chapters if they were broken up by verses instead. But the Psalms are still quite short. They are only ten verses long.


    “Tetelestai” means “in full.” This is not a cry of defeat, but the cry of a victorious and living Redeemer. It is the divine proclamation of full redemption. We are now free from sin’s penalty.

    The shortest chapter in the Bible is Psalm 117. It consists of only two verses. It is located in the middle of the Bible. There is no other book in the Bible that is shortest. This is a testament to God’s power and holiness.

    The New Testament is divided into 27 books. The books are grouped into two sections: the Gospels and Acts of the Apostles. The Gospels are the “good news” accounts of the life of Jesus, while Acts of the Apostles relates the story of the apostle Paul’s missionary journeys. Revelation is a book that relates events that take place in the end of the world and God’s judgment of all mankind. In fact, the shortest chapter in the Bible is in the book of Revelation.

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    Psalm 117 in Hebrew (Masoretic) numbering

    Psalm 117 is part of another psalm. It is often written as a separate unit, but it can also be part of Psalm 116. In Hebrew numbering, Psalm 117 occurs in the first half of Psalm 116, or it can be at the beginning of Psalm 118. The original text of Psalm 117 contains two meanings: the first is a description of the Lord’s majesty and the other is a description of his glory.

    The English Bible follows the Hebrew text in numbering, but the Greek Septuagint and Latin Vulgate follow different numbering systems. Therefore, knowing how Psalms are numbered in Hebrew is important if you wish to find scriptural references in those versions.

    Psalms 119 in Greek (Kephalaion) numbering

    Psalm 119 has 176 verses, making it the longest chapter in the Bible. The Hebrew version of this chapter is known as Psalm 120. Its Greek counterpart is Psalm 118. This chapter was also written in the Latin Vulgate.

    Psalm 119 is a very long poem, so long in fact that several lengthy works have been written on it. One Puritan preacher, Thomas Manton, wrote three volumes on Psalm 119. The three volumes were 1,677 pages long and contained 190 chapters.

    The psalmist begins this section by stating that God’s word is the greatest weapon against sin. He asks God for instruction and he also thanks Him for the pure life he lives.

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