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Where in the Bible Does it Say Abortion Is Bad

    Where in the Bible Does it Say Abortion is Bad? where in the bible does it say abortion is bad

    The Bible doesn’t specifically talk about abortion, but it makes clear God’s view on the matter through a variety of teachings. One such teaching is Exodus 21:22-25. It also discusses the Mosaic laws and the Psalms.

    Exodus 21:22-25

    While it’s easy to assume that Exodus 21:22-25 says abortions are wrong, this verse is not about the deliberate destruction of human fetuses. The verse specifically mentions premature birth, not a dead or deformed child. However, it doesn’t mean abortions are okay.

    This verse has a confusing translation. Many interpret it to mean miscarriage, and the Hebrew word for miscarriage is shakal. But if you read the entire text of Exodus 21:22-25, you’ll see that the word for abortion is nepel, not sakal. The Hebrew word nepel means “child,” which is a plural form of yeled.

    According to the Bible, abortion is bad. The only time it’s permitted is when it saves the life of the mother. During the procedure, the child must be cut up in the mother’s womb and brought out one member at a time. In this way, the life of the mother is considered more important than the life of the child. In addition, a large part of the child cannot be touched. The claim of one life cannot override the claim of another.

    The Biblical passage Exodus 21:22-25 does not directly condemn abortion, but it does condemn it. The Bible is very thorough, and it lays out the rules for everything from how to treat enemies to how to treat friends. It is so detailed that it describes seemingly incomprehensible scenarios and commands.


    The Bible says that abortion is wrong. It supports the notion that the unborn child is a human being and does not go through a reptile or fish stage. It also says that the unborn child belongs to God. Considering this, it is not surprising that the Bible would condemn the practice of abortion.

    During the Old Testament, Israel treated the death of an unborn child as murder. Nevertheless, the punishment was lessened if the baby was born alive. The Bible lists seven abominations that God will consider to be unclean. The early church also condemned abortion. The Psalms are also clear that the practice of abortion is wrong, and the Bible is not silent about it.

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    According to the Bible, the father of an unborn child must pay the fine for causing harm to a woman. This fine can be imposed by her husband or by a judge. A man who strikes a woman during a pregnancy is also liable to pay a fine, determined by the court. The law considers the harm caused to a mother a “serious sin.”

    Abortion is wrong in many ways. Poor families are particularly vulnerable, and abortion does not make moral sense. In one case, a poor family has fourteen children, including a mother with tuberculosis. The mother is pregnant with a fifth child with a disability and has christened him Beethoven. In another case, a white man rapes a black girl. Another example is a teenage girl who becomes pregnant without her fiance.

    Mosaic laws

    Despite what many people believe, the Bible is largely silent on the issue of abortion. In fact, the 600 laws of Moses, which include the 10 Commandments, contain no mention of abortion. However, Exodus 21:22-25 makes clear that abortion is not murder. This means that it is a morally wrong act and cannot be justified by biblical standards.

    The question of when man has the right to kill a child is central to this question. In Scripture, death before birth is a consequence of sin and curse. The question of abortion is when man has the right to intervene in God’s prenatal care and impose the fate of the divine curse upon a child.

    The Bible does not directly address abortion, but makes indirect references to it. Although it doesn’t say “life begins at X”, there is ample evidence to support the claim that a fetus is a person and deserves protection and dignity. This argument is supported by the Mosaic Law, which gives a fetus the same legal status as the mother.

    Theology has also weighed in on the issue of abortion. Some of the greatest theologians in the past century have condemned the practice of abortion. Some believe that it is wrong because it is a violation of human life. For example, St. Jerome believed that abortion was a sinful act, and it kills the child. Further, he believed that the soul of the fetus enters the mother’s body the moment she feels the first movement.

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    New Testament

    The Bible never says anything about abortion, and the few references it does make are vague and not ironclad. While abortion is an important issue in social justice, science, and gender equality, the New Testament does not specifically mention it. Some passages do, however, give insights into the issues involved.

    For instance, one passage in the New Testament refers to the curse that is cast upon a woman who has an abortion. While this passage doesn’t mention abortion by name, it does speak to the movement of a woman’s womb and the way in which it is akin to a curse. Furthermore, it describes a person who is not “usual” or “ordinary.” Thus, this passage is a poetic illustration of the relationship between Jesus and John and is not a guideline for female reproduction.

    Another passage in the Bible, known as the lex talionis, addresses miscarriage. While this passage doesn’t specifically address abortion, numerous teachings in the Bible make it clear that abortion is wrong. For example, a Biblical passage regarding the lex talionis states that the death of an unborn child is punishable in the way that it kills a human being.

    In addition, the Bible teaches that the unborn child is a human, and that he has inherent value. Because of his creation, all human life is precious. While it is an inconvenient situation for the mother, the unborn child will live a life based on worth.


    Genesis says abortion is bad because it is wrong, but this does not mean that it is the only evil thing that can be done. The bible is a very complex book, and the Bible is not silent on issues that matter to modern society. One of the most important topics that the Bible addresses is the topic of abortion. Many believe that abortion is the same as murder, but this is not the case.

    The Bible does not condemn abortion in general, and it specifically mentions cases where abortion is allowed. For example, the daughters of Lot became pregnant through incestuous relationships. Similarly, King David and Bathsheba had an adulterous relationship that resulted in the birth of Solomon. Thus, God doesn’t view the unborn child as unworthy.

    Abortion advocates often use the term “fetus” to describe the unborn child. If you’re not aware of this, you can tell that these proponents are denying the humanity of the fetus. Regardless of the language they use, abortion is wrong because it is immoral. The Bible also teaches that “a hand that sheds innocent blood is a sin,” as the writer of Proverbs points out.

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    Some Christians argue that the Bible does not condemn abortion, but that a passage in Exodus says that the fetus has no legal or moral status. But the Bible is a very thorough book, and it has many rules for every situation. It even has rules on how to treat your enemy and your friend. These rules cover many unlikely scenarios.

    Fourth commandment

    The Fourth commandment of the Bible says abortion is a terrible sin, but this doesn’t make abortion a sin itself. In fact, it is one of the few areas of the Bible where the Bible does not state that abortion is an acceptable form of family planning. Rather, it states that the unborn fetus must not be killed. In this way, the Bible does not say abortion is a sin, but it does state that the unborn fetus should be protected.

    Even the great Catholic bishop, St. Augustine, affirmed the fourth commandment of the Bible says abortion is wrong. While he was aware of theories that the human soul was not formed until the fetus was fully formed, he used the Septuagint translation of the Old Testament to make his point. He thought the ancient Israelites were punished for miscarriage before the fetus had a “full soul.” Nevertheless, he warned against misusing these theories.

    The Christian church has always been against abortion. This is because the Catholic Church considers abortion homicide and infanticide. This is also an act against the will of God. Abortion is a sin when it happens in a context where the mother’s life is at risk.

    The church has a responsibility to warn, exhort, and rebuke the public about the sin of abortion. It must also minister to those who are victims of abortion. Today’s culture makes abortion seem like an acceptable option. However, despite the widespread promotion of abortion, the church has an obligation to preach the truth about this sin.

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