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Where in the Bible Does it Talk About Masturbation

    Where in the Bible Does it Talk About Masturbation?

    When it comes to masturbation, where in the Bible does it talk about it? It is a big question for many people. Here are the answers to that question, ranked by number of votes. It is important to read the Bible verses for yourself, as there are a lot of false teachings in the Bible.


    Although the Bible does not specifically address masturbation, it does discuss the topic indirectly. One biblical story mentions Onan, who spills seed in order to avoid siring an heir. While this story does not mention masturbation specifically, it does talk about the sin of greed and selfishness. This is not to say that masturbation is not a sin; it is still an extremely taboo topic in the Roman Catholic Church.

    There are several possible interpretations of this story. Some revisionists argue that Onan did not commit a sin, but instead chose to refrain from acting towards his deceased brother. This view is problematic because it suggests that Onan was not interested in having an heir. After all, having an heir would have ruled out Onan’s claim to inheritance and his status as an eldest brother.

    The story of Onan has influenced the way Christians view sex today. The 5th-century Christian theologian St Augustine argued that sex is necessary for procreation and that it is immoral to perform it solely for pleasure. Further, he stated that if man wishes to reproduce and replenish the earth, he must also engage in this sexual activity.

    The Bible does not explicitly talk about masturbation, but there are several passages that are often interpreted as referencing masturbation. The most common example is Genesis 38:9-10. While this passage does not explicitly mention masturbation, some passages have been interpreted as referring to the sin of spilling seed. The story of Onan’s sin, however, is not about masturbation per se, but about selfishness and not fulfilling a family duty.

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    The Bible talks about the importance of marriage and sex. In the Song of Solomon, for example, it discusses the importance of marriage and sexual intimacy. It also talks about the need for mutual satisfaction between husband and wife. Although the Bible deems masturbation as a sin, it condones it when it is done with the consent of both partners.

    Despite the Bible’s general condemnation of masturbation, there are a few passages that do condemn masturbation. Matthew 5:27-30 speaks of the sin of cutting off one’s right hand or watching pornographic material, but it does not specifically mention masturbation. This is a clear indication that masturbation is a sin, but it is important to keep in mind that the Bible does not mention it specifically.


    Masturbation is not specifically mentioned in the Bible, but some people interpret Genesis 38:9-10 to mean that “spilling seed” is a sin. This passage does not mention masturbation, but it does make a strong case against it. Many also point to Matthew 5:27-30 to support the notion that masturbation is against God’s laws.

    Though the Bible does not explicitly address masturbation, it talks about sin and the consequences of lustful thoughts. Jesus defined lust as the strong desire for something without restraint. Masturbation occurs when a person thinks about sexual thoughts about someone other than their spouse. Because lust is sin, masturbation is also sinful.

    However, while masturbation is not specifically forbidden in the Bible, it is prohibited by many other biblical passages. For example, Hebrews 13:4 urges Christians to honor marriages and to avoid sexual immorality. It also warns against sexual immorality within marriage, as Satan can pervert the relationship. Furthermore, no one can honestly say they will masturbate for the glory of God.

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    Masturbation is a sin that starts with sin in the mind and continues with physical sin. This sin leads to the sensation of gratification, but it makes the person feel defiled if the person performs the activity repeatedly. Furthermore, masturbation is a form of fornication, and it is the same as pornography and the use of sexual toys.

    Jerusalem was an unfaithful wife of God, and she offered herself to passersby and made a male image of herself. This was called a dildo. The Bible describes Jerusalem as a harlot and lustful, and she sought pleasure in her dildos.

    Jerusalem’s unfaithful wife

    The Bible does not specifically mention masturbation. But it does mention every other sexual act. And the Bible encourages marriage. It even commands you to avoid adultery. But there’s a small detail in the Bible that is worth looking at: it doesn’t specifically say that masturbation is a sin, but it does warn you against it.

    The Bible talks about masturbation in a few places. First of all, Paul urged Christians to give themselves to their spouses sexually. This is especially true in marriage, where husband and wife become one flesh. In other words, a husband is not to masturbate in front of his wife.

    Jerusalem’s unfaithful husband

    Although the Bible doesn’t mention masturbation specifically, it does condemn all forms of sexual impurity and adulterous fantasies. Masturbation, in particular, can become habit-forming and even lead to pornography. In addition, the Bible also says that it is wrong to use a woman’s body for sex. In addition, this practice can cause a breakdown in a relationship, since masturbation is not a way to express your love for your partner.

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    Besides, there’s a Biblical passage that condemns homosexuality. The Bible says that a man’s sinful behavior is unclean and can lead to death. Ezekiel 16:15-16 says that homosexual conduct is wrong. The NASB translation translates this as “sexual immorality.”

    According to Jesus, the Bible teaches that a man must give his conjugal rights to his wife, not to himself. Jesus also says that homosexuality is a sinful behavior. In addition, the Bible warns that homosexuality is a sin against God’s holy people. The Bible also teaches that marriage is sacred, and sexual immorality is against God’s design.

    The Bible does not talk about masturbation explicitly, but it does mention lust. The Bible defines lust as a strong desire without restraint. Masturbation, on the other hand, is considered sinful, and it can lead to sinful behavior. Therefore, lust and masturbation are sinful and must be overcome.

    A woman who has been deceived by her husband is under a great deal of pressure. She must forgive the husband, ask for forgiveness, and take appropriate measures to prevent future occurrences. She will be tempted to punish him, but this won’t help. Instead, she must take God’s advice and accept his will.