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Where to Read the Christmas Story in the Bible

    Where to Read the Christmas Story in the Bible

    The Christmas story is told in several places in the Bible. Some places are found in Matthew’s gospel. This book is written in a serious tone and focuses on teaching people about Jesus. It establishes Jesus’ Jewish identity and foreshadows the mystery of the cross. It also foreshadows the inclusion of non-Jews in the church.


    The story of Christmas begins with the angel Gabriel’s visit to Mary and Joseph, a young woman who had been engaged to Joseph. The angel told Joseph to take Mary and Jesus to Egypt because Herod had planned to kill him. As night fell, Joseph obeyed the angel and fled to Egypt, where he and Mary remained until Herod died.

    The Christmas story begins in the Bible in the book of Matthew. Matthew’s account includes a genealogy of Jesus, including the family of Mary and Joseph. He also describes how Jesus was conceived through a virgin, fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah. In Matthew’s version, Mary and Joseph were chosen by God. Joseph was guided by dreams, just like his biblical namesake. In addition to Mary’s choice, Joseph was also divinely designated as Mary’s protector and guardian.


    To celebrate the birth of Jesus, many people turn to the Bible. One of the most well-known stories about Jesus’ birth is in the book of Luke. The story takes place in Egypt, where the angel Gabriel appeared to Joseph. In the dream, the angel told him to bring Jesus and Mary to Egypt, since Herod was trying to kill Jesus. Joseph heeded the warning and fled to Egypt when the night fell. The two were reunited in Egypt where they stayed for two years.

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    When Mary became pregnant while engaged to Joseph, the two men likely felt ashamed. Joseph knew that the child was not his, but the social stigma would have been severe. If he had wanted, he could have divorced Mary, but he remained committed to her. Instead, he wanted to spare her further shame, and did what was right.


    Zechariah’s spiritual experience is a familiar one in the Bible. He encounters the angel Gabriel and, in the end, is rendered mute. This experience was orchestrated by God, but Zechariah still had to respond with faith. God’s silence over Israel during those 400 years had been a sign.

    Zechariah was a priest, one of the twenty thousand priests in Jerusalem. A priest had to be born into a priestly family and had certain physical characteristics. Without these qualities, a priest would never be asked to burn incense.


    If you are looking for the Christmas story, you may be wondering where to find it in the Bible. This story, known as the Nativity, tells the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. Joseph and Mary travel to the city of Bethlehem, where Jesus is born in a stable. Magi and angels visit the newborn king and bring him gifts. This familiar version of the story is a fusion of two biblical accounts. It is the subject of Christmas carols and is part of the liturgical cycle of readings.

    The Christmas story is told in two books of the Bible, Luke and Matthew. While both books have many of the same elements, there are differences between the books in terms of tone, characters, plot, and overall message. The Christmas story in the Bible can help us understand why our Savior’s birth is important for our lives.

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    Wise men

    When Jesus was born, the Wise Men came to worship him in Bethlehem, Judea. But before they arrived, Herod gathered the people and the chief priests to kill the new king. This enraged Herod, who ordered the death of all young boys in Bethlehem. In order to protect his son, Joseph and Mary went back to their homeland. When night fell, they fled to Egypt. Herod was eventually killed, and Jesus and his mother were hidden away by Joseph.

    The Christmas story is found in Matthew 1-2. While these two gospels have many similarities, they differ significantly in tone and characters. The Christmas story in Matthew has more emphasis on the birth of Jesus and the birth of the church. It is a more serious story, and Matthew is trying to teach people the real reason for Christmas.


    In the Christmas story in the Bible, we read about a man named Herod, a cruel ruler who executed innocent people. He had no love for his people, and his own family members were murdered on his orders. After 37 years on the throne, Herod died. After his death, his three sons inherited his kingdom, and took his name as king. This king was a cruel man who killed innocent people to advance his political ambitions.

    Herod the Great was born in Idumea, a region south of Jerusalem. His father, Antipater, was a close adviser to Hyrcanus II, the king of Judea. He was also the high priest and the Ethnarch under Roman dominion. Antipater appointed one of his sons, Herod, to govern the land of Galilee, and another son, Herod, to rule the city of Jerusalem. In 63 B.C., Herod’s father agreed to Roman rule, and he was also a supporter of the Romans.