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Where Was Moab in the Bible

    Where Was Moab in the Bible?

    The Moabites are the people in Genesis 19 and were subjugated by the Amorites. The Amorites subdued northern Moab all the way down to Arnon and were subsequently forced southward by a Hittite invasion. Their history is well documented in the Bible.

    Jeremiah 48:24

    When God spoke of judgment, he said that the land of Moab would be destroyed. He warned that Moab would face a snare and a pit. It would not be able to escape its destruction. Similar descriptions are found throughout Scripture to stress that destruction is sure to come.

    Moab was a Gentile city that was the home to the Moabites. They were the descendants of Lot’s eldest daughter, Moab. It is important to understand that the Moabites were evil from the very beginning. The Moabites worshiped Nebo, a false god. Eventually, they built Kiriathaim, or the city of the terrible. The name Moab may have come from the Hebrew word Misgab, which means “strong hold.”

    The calamity that hit Moab was intended to display God’s judgment and anger. It also showed his goodness and compassion. It broke the confidence of the Moabites in their local gods, including Chemosh and Bethel, centers of idolatology.

    Judgment is coming to Moab because of their pride. Moab believed that they were greater than Israel and Yahweh. They were the ones who mocked Israel. As a result, they became the victims of judgment.

    The Moabites worshiped false gods and burned incense, which was an abomination to God. The Lord’s judgment on them is fair, but their destruction is still an abomination. The destruction of Moab was so devastating that Jeremiah sounded the mourning pipe. He still mourns, though he is aware of God’s judgment.

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    Jeremiah 48:26

    The people of Moab were described as being spoiled, confounded, and broken down in the book of Jeremiah. They were also sacked and destroyed, and their cities were laid in ashes. In the end, they were snuffed out by the enemy. In the book of Jeremiah, we see a number of different cities mentioned in Jeremiah 48:15, ranging from the city of Nebo to the city of Kiriathaim and Misgab. In the context of the Bible, it’s important to remember that these cities are general references to the people of Moab.

    In this passage, God declares that the people of Moab are to be crushed and be ashamed. In other words, Moab is to be destroyed and its people will be cast out of existence. They will be put to shame, and they will lose their power and pomp.

    The Moabites lived east of the Jordan River. They were descendants of Lot and were hostile toward Israel. Their ancestors had fled from Sodom with Lot and his daughters. While Lot was drunk, the daughters had sex and fathered Moab. The Moabites then settled on the opposite side of the Dead Sea, southeast of Israel. As a result, they caused trouble for the people of Israel.

    The Bible mentions a city in southern Moab named Horonaim. Horonaim could refer to the entire nation, or just the city, which is referred to in the text. This phrase can also refer to the city itself, which Jerom says is called Areopolis. The Targum translates the phrase as “governing” while Jarchi believes it refers to inferior magistrates.

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    The destruction of Moab would be quick and swift. It would also leave its neighbors lamenting. Those who stayed in the city would be afraid and in pain, just like the women who give birth. Therefore, the destruction of Moab would leave its residents helpless.

    The destruction of Moab was the result of their sin, because they magnified themselves against the LORD. This destruction would cause them to fear their enemies and their very own destruction. This fear would also lead them to fall into a snare. Eventually, the people of Moab would be captured by the snare.

    The place name is unusually strange, as it is used both as a feminine and masculine word. Neither of them are in common use in the Bible. It’s not clear whether the city was a fortress or a town. The word for fortress is masculine, but the feminine form is used instead. However, it’s not a given that the place name was feminine, but it is a common Hebrew word.

    The Moabites were a people that God had never chastised before, but now He’s calling them to do His will. His servants will be called by Him to perform His will, and they will be intoxicated with evil.

    Jeremiah 48:28

    The Book of Jeremiah makes mention of Moab and its plight. The people of Moab should abandon their cities and live in caves or abysses. They should be like doves who make nests in caves.

    Moab was a nation that was scornful toward Israel. It will suffer from the same troubles as Israel, and it will be derided by its own people. However, the Moabites rejoiced in the destruction of their Jewish neighbors. This shows how many people secretly enjoy seeing one of their enemies fall.

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    Moab was mentioned in Jeremiah 48:28. The Moabites occupied a region east of the Dead Sea, south of the Arnon. In this area, the river flows through a deep gorge. Moab was a part of the ancient Near East, so they are a part of the history of the region.

    After the fall of Israel, Moab would again return to their cities and live in the mountains. However, their cities would be destroyed. Moab had acted in an unworthy way, and this was a sign that God would punish them thoroughly. Hence, the Bible makes mention of Moab, its destruction, and its people.

    Ultimately, Moab would be shattered and their power destroyed by Babylon. In the Bible, the horns and arms are figurative of power, so the power of Moab would fall like a drunken person. Moab was a nation of vain confidence, and this would end badly for them.

    The story of Moab’s judgment is also mentioned in Isaiah 15-16. The Prophet Isaiah wrote before Jeremiah, and these texts mention Moab as a nation full of pride. In the midst of this pride, YHWH grieves for the need to punish Moab. He wishes to bless, prosper, and restore them.

    Moab is a country that was once despised by Israel and Judah. But now, God’s people have become arrogant, and God will soon make them a laughingstock. This is what the Bible calls a people’s pride, and God will punish them for it.

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