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Who Dug Jacob’s Well in the Bible

    Who Dug Jacob’s Well in the Bible?who dug jacobs well in the bible

    The biblical story of Jacob’s well is an important one for people of Israel. It was dug by the patriarch in the midst of the grazing land he had bought from Hamor. This plot of land also happened to be the place where Jacob’s son Joseph was buried. It was so important to Jacob that he purchased the plot of ground from Hamor for one hundred pieces of silver and made it his inheritance.


    In the Bible, Jacob dug a well, which later overflowed with water. Later on, when he was in Haran, the well continued to overflow. Jesus’ visit to Jacob’s well is notable because Jesus dispensed Living Water to a Samaritan woman. Though the Samaritans had their own temple and worshipped God according to their own customs, Jesus urged the Samaritan woman to worship God in spirit and truth. In this way, salvation poured out to all peoples of the earth.

    The Well of Jacob is an ancient well located in Israel. It was dug on land purchased from Hamor, and is still in operation today, especially after heavy rains. It is about nine feet in diameter and 75 feet deep, although it was likely much deeper in ancient times. The excavation process must have been extremely difficult!


    The well is a major part of the story of the Israelites. The patriarch Jacob dug the well in the middle of a piece of land he bought from Hamor, on which his son Joseph was buried. In addition to burying his son’s remains in Shechem, Jacob also bought the plot of land from Hamor for 100 pieces of silver, and the plot would later pass down to his descendants.

    After Moses had passed away, God made Joshua the next leader of the Israelites. Then, before Joshua’s death, the people of Israel occupied the land and served Yahweh. The elders who survived Joshua’s life were able to tell of the good deeds he had done for Israel. Joshua died at the age of one hundred years old, and he was buried at Timnath-Heres in the highlands of Ephraim, north of Mount Gaash.

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    The biblical story of Jacob’s well is an important one for Christians, since it represents a place of salvation. Its location is also significant to Jews and Muslims. Historically, Jacob’s well was a source of conflict between Christians and Jews. However, the well remains a holy site for Christians.

    According to the Bible, Jacob dug a well near his son Joseph’s plot of ground. Jacob’s well was located near a spring. The water from the spring symbolized God’s wisdom, and the water was ever-flowing. Jacob’s well was so important that it was also visited by Jesus, who tasted water from it. The well is still functioning today.

    Jacob’s well is a significant site for the people of Israel. It is one of the few biblical sites where the well is still visible today. Jacob dug the well in a parcel of land purchased from Hamor. The well is still there, though most of the time it is dry. It is located near the entrance of the valley between Ebal and Gerizim, about two miles south of Shechem. The well is about 150 feet deep.


    The story of Rachel digging Jacob’s well in the Bible is fascinating, and will inspire you to dig for God’s purposes. When Jacob was young, he had never seen a well before. But when he travelled to Paddan-Aram to visit Laban, he came across a well, and he went to water his flock with it.

    The well is 105 feet deep and the only one of its kind in the area. Today, the well is owned by a Greek Orthodox Church, which was constructed over it. The area was known as Shechem, which means “shoulder” in Hebrew. Long before the Israelites took over the land, this city was an important settlement. It was destroyed and rebuilt several times throughout the centuries.


    There are a few ways to determine the exact location of Jacob’s well, and you can also use the King James Version of the Bible. Nevertheless, Jacob’s well is a sacred place for Jews, and a lot of detail is given in tradition and archaeology.

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    Jacob, the son of Abra ham and Isaac, bought a piece of land and dug a well in the middle of it. He left it to his son Joseph, who later died in Egypt. Joseph commanded his people to preserve his body, and they did so. The body was embalmed, and the people brought it with them as Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt.

    Jacob’s well was 105 feet deep, and today it is owned by the Greek Orthodox Church. It is located near the city of Shechem, which means shoulder in Hebrew. It was an important city before the Israelites inhabited Canaan, and was destroyed and rebuilt several times over the centuries.


    The story of Jacob’s well in the bible is an important one for the Jews. Jacob, the son of Abraham and Isaac, was given a piece of land to build a well on. He spent twenty years working for Laban and returned safely to his hometown, Shechem. After buying land there for 100 pieces of silver, Jacob built an altar and drank from the well every day.

    The Bible only mentions Jacob’s well once, in John’s Gospel, but the story is based on tradition. The well is located near a field that Jacob gave to his son Joseph. This well is sacred to both Christians and Jews.


    When Boaz is asked by Ruth, what is his response? His response reflects his personal purity. People who are corrupt expect other people to be impure, and therefore, project their own impurity onto others. Boaz, however, believes Ruth is pure, and thus, is willing to believe in her.

    The well is located in ancient Samaria, which was between the Galilee and Judaean regions. After the Assyrians conquered Jerusalem in 722 BC, new people began settling in Samaria. This new community became known as the Samaritans. At that time, the Samaritans were considered half-breeds and not part of Judaism. Because of this, they were not allowed to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem.

    The well was near the plot of land Jacob had given to Joseph. When Jesus was alive, this well was a sacred site. Jacob was the grandson of Abraham, and his family drank from it. It was also near the plot of land Jacob had given to his son Joseph.

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    Rahab dug Jacob’s well in Genesis 48:22, but the Bible doesn’t tell us much about her. The well is 75 feet deep and is located near the town of Nablus, near the main road from Judea to Galilee. The well was a place of water for Jacob and his family for a few years after he returned from Laban.

    As a prostitute, Rahab’s situation was not easy. She was unmarried and didn’t have children, making her situation even more difficult. She would have to work among the Israelites to support herself. As a result, her life was at stake.

    Obed by Rahab

    It is unclear exactly how Jacob dug Jacob’s well. The story is told only once in the Bible, in the Gospel of John. Tradition and archaeology provide more details. One theory is that Jacob bought the land and dug the well. However, there is no evidence in the Bible to support this theory.

    The well was a source of water for the people of Israel. After the army reached the city, the priests blew the trumpet seven times. But when the cart wobbled, Uzziel was killed. Afterwards, David went through a long period of mourning. Afterwards, he was able to carry the ark in the proper manner.

    Obed was also called “a man after God,” because he was a descendant of Joseph. As a result, his name is recorded in the Bible. The story explains that Joseph and his descendants were once slaves of Hamor, and that his father Jacob had given them land to settle. Jacob had purchased land from the sons of Hamor, which eventually became his inheritance. However, there was a false prophet, a man who deceived people on earth. He commanded people to make an image of a wounded beast, but when he went up to heaven, his enemies watched him.