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Who Fasted in the Bible for 3 Days

    Who Fasted in the Bible For 3 Days? who fasted in the bible for 3 days

    Throughout the Bible, many people have fasted. Some of these people include Moses, David, Paul, and Barnabas. This article will cover some of these individuals. Whether you want to fast for a week or just three days, you can find a Biblical example in any of these people.


    The Bible is filled with stories of people fasting. Moses, the prophet of God, and Elijah were two examples. After fighting off prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel, Elijah remained without food for forty days in the wilderness. Another biblical example is that of Queen Jezebel. Her daughter, Elisha, also fasted for forty days. There are even mentions of sexual fasting in the Bible.

    Fasting is a ritual expression of submission, remorse, and supplication. However, many people today do not fast. In fact, fasting is often seen as a sign of mourning. The Bible shows that fasting does not lead to joy, but rather to sadness. In the Bible, fasting is often used as an expression of a deep sense of sorrow, an emotion that saps the desire to eat.


    Fasting is a powerful expression of grief and repentance. In the Bible, fasting is frequently used to express lamentation after a difficult providence, such as a death. The book of 1 Samuel concludes with a seven-day mourning period for the death of King Saul. In addition, mourning is mentioned in 2 Samuel and 1 Chronicles 10:12.

    While fasting is a great way to connect with God and seek his heart, it should not be used to make yourself look righteous or pious. The purpose of fasting is to humble yourself before God and ask for His intervention. In the Bible, fasting was practiced by Jesus before his public ministry. It is also used by Nehemiah to confess his sins and ask for God’s favor in Persia. Fasting, like any other spiritual practice, should be done in conjunction with prayer and Scripture reading.

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    We learn about fasting in the Bible through the story of Barnabas. He and his companion, Saul, were called by the Lord to preach the Gospel and to plant churches. They traveled to Cyprus, Seleucia, and Salamis to preach the good news. In their ministry, they had an assistant named John. They were also devoted to prayer and fasting. After their ministry, Barnabas and Saul were recognized as superiors in the church.

    When they were evangelizing, they preached the gospel to Jews in Seleucia and Salamis. These believers knew about the prophecies in the Old Testament about the Messiah. Therefore, they should have welcomed him as their Messiah. However, their efforts caused some resentment among the Jews.


    In the Bible, we read about a man named Saul who persecuted Christians. However, he was given permission to travel to Damascus to meet Jesus. While there, he had a revelation from the Lord which caused him to fast for three days. During this period, he did not eat or drink anything, causing him to be blinded. Afterward, he was cured of his blindness and was able to serve the Lord. Then, he was given the name Paul.

    The story of Paul’s fast in the Bible is very interesting. He was a young man at the time, just fourteen years old when he decided to fast. He was granted permission to do so by the Jerusalem church to show his faith. In addition to being an apostle of the Gentiles, he had the opportunity to witness Jesus’ power.

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