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Who Is Benaiah in the Bible

    Who is Benaiah in the Bible?who is benaiah in the bible

    Benaiah is a common name in the Hebrew Bible. In the Old Testament, Benaiah is the name of a man who served as David’s bodyguard. This mighty man is known for killing a lion and a handsome Egyptian. His name has several meanings in the Bible, which makes it important for you to know the details of Benaiah’s life.

    Benaiah was a mighty man

    Benaiah was one of King David’s most important soldiers and generals. He commanded the third division of David’s rotational army and is mentioned frequently in Scripture. As a general, he helped David’s son Solomon become king. He also fought against and killed David’s enemies, including Adonijah and Joab. Those two men, who opposed David, were killed by Benaiah. His name means “God knows” and “God builds.”

    Benaiah was an outstanding general and a mighty man. He was also a priest who was considered brave by his peers. This paved the way for him to serve as the head of Solomon’s army. His rise from relative obscurity as a priest to a prominent role as a general is remarkable. In Frank Boreham’s biography of Benaiah, we learn that he faced his worst enemies in the most unlikely places. In fact, he even defeated a lion.

    He was David’s bodyguard

    Benaiah was the son of Jehoiada and was made David’s bodyguard. He was a highly respected individual among the mighty men of David’s time. His prowess in combat won him the coveted role of bodyguard.

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    Benaiah was also a highly respected priest. He had a strong spiritual connection and believed that he was doing the LORD’s will. His prayers are recorded in the Targum.

    He killed a lion

    Benaiah was a brave and mighty man in the army of King David. He is credited with killing a lion in a pit on a snowy day. The story has been the source of much speculation. Most people would have left the lion in the pit alone, but Benaiah was not one to let things slide. He used his spear to kill the lion and was given the job of David’s chief bodyguard.

    Benaiah was the son of a famous warrior. The story says that he and his father were mighty men of valor. His deeds proved that he was a man of honor. He fought two lion-like Moab warriors and defeated them. In the Bible, Benaiah was the second-most powerful person in the kingdom of Israel, after David.

    He killed a handsome Egyptian

    There is no doubt that Benaiah was a fierce warrior and was a part of the Israelite army under David. He was a skilled warrior who killed the chief soldiers of Moab. He also killed a lion with a spear and was given responsibility as king David’s chief bodyguard.

    Benaiah is a well-known name in the Bible. This great warrior was a son of Jehoiada, a priest of David. He was one of David’s “mighty men” and a great general. He was noted for his great exploits and heroic feats, including killing a lion with a spear and club.

    He killed Adonijah

    Adonijah was an aspirant king in Israel. He planned to seize the throne and gain priestly support to rule the people. He had some influential people working for him, including the commander of the army, Joab, and the influential priest Abiathar. But his uncle, Benaiah, and the prophet Nathan, all opposed him.

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    Benaiah was a descendant of the Tannaim. His father was a priest and had served David as a minister. During the time of King David, Benaiah was overseer of Kreti and Pleti. His mighty actions made him one of David’s greatest heroes. He had also killed the two sons of Ariel of Moab. As a result, he was promoted to a command position in Solomon’s army.

    He killed Joab

    During David’s time as King, Joab was a powerful leader, leading the army against the peoples of Aram, Ammon, Moab, and Edom. He was also known for conspiring with David in the murder of Uriah. This was one of the reasons Benaiah killed Joab.

    Joab was also the commander of David’s army during Absalom’s rebellion. Absalom had rallied much of Israel against David, and David fled with his most trusted men. However, David could not bring himself to kill Absalom, so he ordered his soldiers not to kill him. However, Joab found Absalom alive in a tree.

    He killed Shimei

    Shimei was a dangerous man who had been associated with the household of the former King Saul. He was a threat to the House of David. When Solomon heard of this, he sent for him, promising to remove the curse he had placed on David’s life.

    Shimei had also brought some servants from Gath, and they were delivered up to Israel. But Shimei was not satisfied and wanted more than that, so he escaped to Gath. Shimei’s servants fled into the open country, but two of them escaped.

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