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Who Is Eleazar in the Bible

    Who is Eleazar in the Bible?who is eleazar in the bible

    Eleazar was a priest in the Bible. He succeeded his father Aaron, and was the nephew of Moses. His life and death are described in the Bible. Find out more about Eleazar. Also learn about his descendants. If you want to know about Eleazar, his family, and his burial, keep reading!


    Eleazar is a prominent figure in the Bible. He was one of the four sons of Aaron, who was also the high priest of the Israelites. Eleazar is often featured in the Bible stories of the Israelites wandering in the wilderness. The name Eleazar means “God has helped.” Eleazar is a part of the NOBSE Study Bible Name List. He is also found in Jones’ Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names.

    Eleazar became important because his brothers were killed. They had presented an unsolicited offering to the Lord. When they died, fire appeared from the presence of the Lord and consumed them. After Eleazar’s brothers were killed, he and his brother Ithamar took over the priestly duties and began offering sacrifices to the people. This helped him become the chief of the Levites.

    His descendants

    The Bible describes Elazar as a great leader among the Israelites. He served as the first High Priest in the Holy Land and stood by Moses and Joshua at some of the most crucial moments in history. The descendants of Elazar were important people and the Jewish people owed a great deal to him.

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    His descendants include Joshua, Elazar, and Phinehas. Elazar is also mentioned in the Book of Matthew, which contains the genealogy of Jesus. In addition, he is the great-grandfather of Joseph, the husband of Mary.

    His death

    The story of Eleazar’s death in the Bible is an example of heroism and constancy in a difficult time. The scribe’s death was considered a model for the future sacrifice of Christ. Later traditions embellished the story by representing him as a priest and high priest. It was also considered a foundation for martyrdom by some, including the church father Ambrose, who gave Eleazar the title of proto-martyr.

    Eleazar was the third son of Aaron, and he became the chief assistant of Aaron. His duties included supervising the incense and oil for the seven-branched candlestick in the inner sanctuary. Before Aaron died, Eleazar was clothed in his father’s official garments, and God gave him the authority to carry out God’s commandments.

    His sons

    The sons of Eleazar, who were also known as priests, played an important role during the Exodus. Phinehas, son of Eleazar and grandson of Aaron, distinguished himself during the journey, as a young man, at Shittim against the heresy of Peor.

    Eleazar is frequently mentioned in the Bible, indirectly. He received guidance from Moses and Aaron, and played a major role in the purification of the censers after the revolt of Korah. He hammered the holy censers into plates so that the Israelites would not turn to idolatry.

    His rapprochement with the Romans

    Eleazar was one of the Levitical priests, and he is in fact a descendant of Jesus. The priests of the Levitical order were famous for their proclivity for foreign wives. Moreover, the priests were known for their combat prowess and for their penchant for the sword. It is therefore not surprising that this line of priests had been associated with the rise of Jesus.

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    The priestly lineage of Eleazar reaches down the ages, and his character legacy extends to his son Phinehas. He was a strong-willed man, and he was able to stem the Lord’s fury at the outbreak of sexual sin and religious apostasy. Eleazar and his descendants were also the recipients of a covenant of perpetual priesthood.