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Who Is Joash in the Bible

    Who is Joash in the Bible?

    Joash is a king in the Bible. He is the eighth king of Judah. He is also known as Jehoash or Joas. He was the son of Ahaziah and Zibiah of Beersheba. He reigned for 40 years.


    King Joash was a ruler in ancient Israel. He reigned over Judea for forty years. He was born in the year 3055 after the creation of the world. In 3061, he became king. Despite his young age, Joash did evil in the sight of the Lord. He did not turn away from the sins of his father, Jehoahaz. When he died, his son Jehoiada succeeded him as king. His actions as king were not recorded in the chronicles of the kings of Israel.

    Joash’s ancestors were notoriously wicked. Intermarriage between Israelite and Judean royalty added to the twisted mess in his family tree. His grandmother was the daughter of a notorious Israelite couple. She married King Joram, a descendant of Judah’s King Jehoshaphat. After Joram’s death, no one mourned him.

    The people also had a god, Baal. During the reign of Joash, they ruined the temple. Moreover, they did not pay attention to the worship of the LORD. The temples became unclean, and Joash had to make repairs. He gathered money from the people of Israel, but the people did not hurry him.

    In the Bible, Joash was the king of Israel for forty years. He had many enemies. The evil queen Athaliah, the daughter of King Ahab, had tried to kill Joash and his family. Joash hid himself in the temple for six years, but the priest Jehoiada gave the news to the guards.

    Joash was a powerful ruler in ancient Israel. His military victories against the Syrians and Aram are legendary. In the book of Chronicles, Joash also defeated the king of Aram, King Hazael of Aram, who had oppressed the Israelites. Moreover, he also saved the city of Jerusalem from attack.

    His military victories

    Joash is an important figure in the history of Israel. He defeated Ben-hadad three times and recovered many cities. He also defeated Amaziah king of Judah, and died in the fifteenth year of his reign. In the book of Chronicles, Joash is mentioned as having a son, Jeroboam, but we are not told what the significance of the name is.

    Elisha, the prophet who preached to the nation of Israel, also had a role in the history of Israel. He encouraged Joash to act offensively, but he only struck the ground three times. Elisha’s words were interpreted as implying that Joash should have struck the ground five or six times, which would have completely defeated Aram. The prophet also pointed out that Ben-hadad had been killed in the battle, and that Israel would recover the cities they had taken from Aram.

    Despite his military victories, Joash’s reign ended under the judgment of God. He failed to stop the invasion of Judah by Syria. In addition, he was killed by conspirators who wished to avenge Zechariah’s death. While this is one of the few stories that relate the death of Joash, it should be noted that the story of the arameans is not entirely reliable. Nonetheless, this incident highlights the fact that Joash’s military victories were not without controversy.

    Another important historical fact concerning Joash is that his son, Amaziah, succeeded his father without delay. He was twenty-five years old when he became king, and he reigned for nearly thirty years. His mother’s name was Jehoaddan, and his place of birth was Jerusalem.

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    His relationship with his uncle Jehoiada

    When Joash was young, his uncle, Jehoiada, was High Priest. Jehoiada became obsessed with worshiping Baal and the glamour of unbridled life. Jehoiada died at the age of 130. Joash was left to carry on the legacy of his uncle.

    The relationship between Joash and his uncle Jehoiada is tense. During the reign of Joash, he killed Zechariah, the son of Jehoiada. As a result, Joash sentenced his cousin to death. Zechariah’s death is closely related to the death of his uncle. However, Joash doesn’t remember the kindness of Zechariah’s father. When he was dying, he killed Zechariah’s son. As a result, Joash is not buried in the tombs of kings or priests.

    Jehoiada also had some good things to say about Joash. He was loyal to the king, but he was not a good leader. The king’s uncle Jehoiada had been faithful to God and his king had a great influence on him.

    Joash was also blessed with godly influences around him. He chose his wives wisely and served them well. But he also allowed the influence of evil men to sway Joash to do things he should not have done. The consequences of his actions will be felt throughout his kingdom.

    After Joash became King, he sought to restore the house of the LORD. He ordered the Levites and priests to collect money for the repair, but they did not seem to be in a hurry to follow the king’s orders. Joash was concerned and asked his old advisor, Jehoiada, why the Levites were not following the king’s command. Jehoiada answered, “because they were afraid of a great punishment.”

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    Jehoiada was an important figure in the life of Joash. His relationship with him is described in the Bible in several ways. His relationship with his uncle was very close. His relationship was crucial to the future of Israel.