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Who Was Abner in the Bible

    Who is Abner in the Bible?

    Abner was a commander in the army of King Saul and his cousin. In the Bible, Abner is referred to as “Abiner son of Ner,” meaning, “My father is Ner.” His role as a commander was critical to the success of the army, and he was a loyal and trustworthy ally of Saul.

    His relationship with Joab

    When Abner killed Asahel, Joab was furious. He hated Abner for killing his brother. Joab was a powerful general, but he had a personal rival. The two men had a tense relationship. Joab feared Abner and wanted Abner dead.

    Joab had a long history with Abner. Joab was the son of Abner, a man who was a fierce warrior who once killed Asahel. But his son Joab was even more determined to kill Asahel and regain his military position. Joab was angry and took revenge on Abner.

    Joab had power-hungry ambition and wanted revenge on Abner for killing his brother Asahel. Abner was forming an alliance with David, and Joab wanted to kill him. Abner was ordered to let him live, but Joab killed him in cold blood. He also killed Amasa, a cousin of Abner, while they were kissing. The two conspired to put his cousin Adonijah on the throne instead of Solomon.

    Joab had a headstrong and ambitious nature, and he was disobedient to David. Joab’s determination and boldness were necessary, but it also came with its price. His ambition and headstrongness caused him to make selfish decisions that would eventually bring his family to ruin.

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    The relationship between Joab and David was complicated. Both men played a vital role in leading Israel during the 40 years of David’s reign. Although Joab was a talented army commander and was loyal to David, he was not above defying the king. He often killed those David wanted to appoint as the head of the army. This defiance made David feel powerless to act against him.

    His loyalty to Saul

    Abner is a tough character. He changes allegiances multiple times in his life. He declared his loyalty to David as the king, but only when it was convenient for him. After all, his loyalty was to God and not to Saul. When the king asked him to leave, he changed his mind and joined the side of David. He also pledged to bring all of Israel under David’s rule.

    Despite this conflict, Abner was Saul’s army commander and was a close relative. He was the highest military official under Saul. He introduced David to Saul, and he was with the guard guarding the king when David entered the camp. Later, after the battle against the Philistines, Abner installed Saul’s son Ishbosheth as King. However, only David’s tribe, the Judah, followed David.

    Abner’s loyalty to Saul was tested, however. When David was anointed by the prophet Samuel as the next king, Saul became jealous. He chased him and, in an effort to get him, David managed to sneak into Saul’s camp. David then stole a water jug and spear from his master. David taunted Abner for failing to guard David.

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    David and Abner were both born into noble families and both inherited their family heritage from their mother. However, their relationship is strained by Saul’s paranoia. Although both of them have their own reasons for being loyal to their king, Abner’s loyalty to Saul is in question.

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