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Who Was Benaiah in the Bible

    Who is Benaiah in the Bible?

    Benaiah is a common name in the Hebrew Bible. His contributions include killing an Egyptian giant, breaking ice for Solomon to perform his ablutions, and helping David during his coronation. If you’d like to know more about Benaiah, read on.

    Benaiah was a bodyguard of David

    Benaiah was the son of a Jehoiada, a Levite from the Kabzeel region of Judah, and was one of David’s most trusted men. He was the third commander of the army under David, and his division consisted of 24,000 soldiers. Benaiah served loyally to David throughout Absalom’s rebellion and Adonijah’s attempt to take the throne.

    Benaiah served as a bodyguard to David and served as a general in David’s army. He displayed his fierce loyalty to David by standing up to Adonijah’s ambition to supplant Solomon as King. This resulted in his promotion to commander in chief of the army of Israel.

    He killed an Egyptian giant

    Benaiah killed an Egyptian giant with a spear. Unlike most of us, he did not have a high-powered weapon at his disposal. He simply went down to the Egyptian’s level, took his spear, and killed him with it. The story of his victory is a classic example of a hero stepping up when the going gets tough.

    Benaiah, a descendant of Simeon, was a leader of the mighty men of King David. He fought alongside his father David, and he helped his son Solomon become king. He also helped to kill enemies of Solomon and served as a chief in his army. In addition, David made him one of the musicians who blew the trumpet when the ark of God was brought into Jerusalem. His followers regarded him as a Lion of the Lord. Benaiah was also appointed to perform music regularly before the ark of the covenant. He was a mighty man and had many followers in the Bible. He died in Salt City, Utah Territory, on August 29, 1877.

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    He helped Solomon with his coronation

    During the reign of King Solomon, Benaiah, the royal succession guard, helped him with his coronation in Gihon. He also acted as Solomon’s chief bodyguard and supreme army commander. As a result of these tasks, Benaiah was responsible for the execution of many of Solomon’s enemies.

    Benaiah was a key figure in David’s kingdom and he rose to even greater prominence under Solomon. The king trusted Benaiah, and he entrusted him with important tasks. He was responsible for the execution of many key figures, including Adonijah, who had attempted to stage a coup and made an inappropriate request to Solomon via Bethsheba.

    He was a loyal supporter of David

    Benaiah was the son of Jehoiada and was a mighty man in David’s army. David made him commander of a special contingent of soldiers called the Cherethites and Pelethites. David placed them under Benaiah, and he made Benaiah responsible for the third month of the year.

    Benaiah supported David throughout his life, and he remained loyal to his king. He did not take part in the usurpation of Adonijah, and he was later appointed commander of the army. He later replaced Joab as the head of the army. He was also one of the thirty mighty men who fought for David in battle. Later he was given command of a large army of 24,000 men.

    He was noted for killing a lion

    Benaiah, the son of Jehoiada, was well-known in David’s time and is mentioned several times in Scripture. The Hebrew name for Benaiah translates to “God knows” and “God builds.” It’s easy to see how this hero would have a lot of respect. In fact, he killed two of Moab’s greatest warriors.

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    The story is similar to the story in Barnes’ Notes, which tells of Benaiah killing a lion. The lion had come up to his village in search of food. It had also taken over the cistern and tank in the village. Benaiah then attacked the beast, and killed it. There are a few different theories about this, but most say Benaiah killed the lion out of self-defense, and in order to rid the country of terror.