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Who Was Born Out of Wedlock in the Bible

    Examples of Children Who Were Born Out of Wedlock in the Bible who was born out of wedlock in the bible

    In the Bible, there are several examples of children who were born out of wedlock. These children become sons and daughters of the living God. The firstborn, Er Judas, is one of them. Other examples include Perez and Zerah. David had several children.


    In Genesis 38, Perez was born out of wedlock. Judah and Tamar, his wife, deceived each other and slept with each other, resulting in the birth of Perez. Judah’s wife Tamar played the role of a cult prostitute, and it was the result of this immorality that Tamar was pregnant.


    Zerah was born out of wed lock in the Bible. His father was Judah and his mother was Tamar. The story of the two can be found in Genesis 38. According to the story, Tamar posed as a prostitute and had a child for his older brother, Judah. However, her son was unfaithful and he was killed.

    David’s sons

    In the Bible, David had sons out of wedlock six times. His first six were born during a period of bitter Patricidal war. These wars made a wholesome family life impossible. Eventually, however, David’s wives gave birth to a number of children.


    Esther is a woman in the Bible who was born out of wedlock. She was the daughter of King Ahasuerus and his banished wife, Vashti. She was raised by her Uncle Mordecai, but she probably had visions of marriage and a large family of Jewish children.

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    When Jacob first approached Laban, he requested a wife and a child, but he was expected to pay a bride-price in return. In the Bible, marriages are not free, and Jacob’s refusal to marry until he had paid his debt is telling.


    While Joseph was born out of wedlock in biblical history, he had not been divorced. As the scribes note, “Joseph travelled to Bethlehem as a full husband.” In other words, he was not charged with adultery. Moreover, he did not intend to accuse Mary of adultery, which is punishable by death. Perhaps, this kind gesture by Joseph was influenced by the visit of an angel.


    The fact that Moses was born out of wedlock is not new. The story goes back to the days of ancient Egypt, where Pharaoh threw all baby boys into the River Nile because he was afraid they would become too powerful. But God preserved Moses’ life by using his mother. His mother, Miriam, was a Levite who hid the child for three months. After that, she gave birth to a son named Gershom.


    Elijah is one of the most important prophets in the Old Testament. He is also mentioned in the New Testament. The Lord, the prophets, and other holy people all mention him. In the Hebrew Bible, a prophet is a teacher or a special organ of God that gives prophecy.