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Who Was Epaphroditus in the Bible

    Who is Epaphroditus in the Bible?

    In the New Testament, Epaphroditus appears as an envoy of the Philippian church to the Apostle Paul. Today, he is considered a saint in both the Eastern Orthodox and the Catholic Church. As a bishop, he served in Philippi, Andria, and Terracina.

    His relationship with Paul

    Epaphroditus’ relationship with the apostle Paul exemplifies the importance of loving one another. Just as the Philippians supported Paul financially, Epaphroditus also cared for Paul’s needs while he was in prison. Their partnership in gospel ministry created a special bond between them.

    Epaphroditus was an exemplary Christian because he always put the needs of others ahead of his own. In fact, he risked his life to help Paul in his ministry. His life is an example of how one should live his life in Christ’s likeness.

    Despite the many obstacles he faced, Epaphroditus had been granted the right to believe in Christ and to suffer for the gospel. He has experienced both death and trial, but now he has a new and lasting relationship with Christ.

    His spiritual maturity

    Epaphroditus was a man of great spiritual maturity. He served the Lord with great humility and sought to serve others above himself. He was faithful to the Lord and was a leader in the Philippian church. He had a genuine love for his brethren and Paul.

    Epaphroditus was a man of strong faith who went through much tribulation. Paul writes that through tribulation, one develops character. This is where we develop a true character and proven character. Epaphroditus’s faith is shown by his ability to overcome hardship.

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    Paul regarded Epaphroditus as his coworker and brother. He remained devoted to the gospel mission and to the work associated with it. Paul and Epaphroditus were both brothers in the Lord.

    His courage

    The story of Epaphroditus’ courage in Scripture shows us a man who put the needs of others before his own. In fact, he was willing to risk his life in the ministry of Christ. His love for the Philippians was such that he even spent his money in sacrificial service in order to meet the physical needs of the Apostle Paul. This selfless attitude is a prime example of the kind of attitude that Jesus would want us to possess.

    Before Christ, Epaphroditus was a Roman prisoner. His name meant “charming” in Greek, which is ironic considering the conditions he faced. He was kept in filthy, dark and diseased cells with little privacy. Not only that, but guards were sadistic and often tortured the prisoners mercilessly.

    His healing by God

    Epaphroditus was sick and on the verge of death when he was healed by the apostle Paul. He had been praying for healing, and it seemed as if God would answer his prayer. The apostle sent a handkerchief to the sick man, and it brought healing. Epaphroditus was restored to health in 61 A.D., and the Philippians celebrated his recovery. Paul’s healing of Epaphroditus was a miracle and was a sign of God’s goodness and mercy.

    Epaphroditus had an unusual courage. He was willing to take enormous risks. He was prepared to play with high stakes, risking his life to be with Paul. Even though he was a Christian, Epaphroditus’ faith in God was not compromised. He chose to risk his life, not only for Paul, but also for Christ.