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Who Was Ephraim in the Bible

    Who Was Ephraim in the Bible?

    Ephraim is a Biblical figure, the second son of Joseph ben Jacob. He was born to an Ancient Egyptian woman, Asenath, who was given to Joseph by the pharaoh. She was the daughter of a wen priest named Potipherah. Ephraim was born in Egypt, before the Israelites arrived in Canaan.


    Elkanah, the father of Samuel, was an important figure in the Old Testament. Though he was a descendant of the tribe of Levi, the Bible describes him as an “Ephraimite.” This is a major issue for Bible scholars, who argue that the two accounts are contradictory.

    Elkanah grew up in the hills of Ephraim. He was a descendant of Zuph, and his family lived in a Levitical city within Ephraim’s boundaries. This doesn’t mean that he was an Ephraimite – his family lived in Ephraim, but it’s still an important distinction. Sadly, polygamy was a common practice in the ancient world, but the Bible never portrays it in a positive light. In fact, polygamous families had a lot of conflict and disagreement between husband and wife.

    While Elkanah was going up to the tabernacle to make the yearly sacrifice and make a vow, Hannah chose to nurse the baby until it was weaned. She wanted to be able to bring her child to the LORD and remain there forever. However, he told her to wait until she was weaned to offer him the yearly sacrifice. Hannah nursed her son until it was time to wean him.

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    Absalom was the son of David. He led an army against his father’s kingdom. His army was unable to maneuver through the thick underbrush and was routed by the royal forces of David. He was killed at the Battle of Ephraim’s Wood.

    David had three sons. The third one was Absalom, who was born in Hebron and moved with the capital to Jerusalem. Absalom’s father loved him immensely. His charming manners and personal beauty made him a favorite. He also had a taste for pomp. He lived in great style and had a beautiful chariot. He was also favored by the people.

    The rebellion that broke out when Absalom was killed did not end with Absalom’s death. The next leader of the northern tribes was the Benjaminite leader Sheba. He declared that he would take no share in the king, “and he would make the Jews desert him.” Judah, on the other hand, stayed loyal to David.

    Absalom’s murder

    Absalom escaped to the Wood of Ephraim, but on his mule he got stuck in the tree. His hair became entangled, and he was left hanging by his long locks of hair. David was waiting at Mahanaim for news of the battle. When the messenger came, he rejoiced. But as soon as he found out that Absalom had been murdered, he sank into grief.

    The wood of Ephraim was an extensive forest tract east of the Jordan River, and most Bible geographers place it at this location. The story also tells us that Absalom’s army camped there. However, much of the land in southern Gilead is forested and rugged. In this way, it fits the description of the battle. However, it is unclear whether Absalom’s army was encamped at the wood of Ephraim, where he was killed by Jephthah.

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    Absalom’s death

    Absalom’s death in the bible occurs during the reign of David. After David commits adultery with Bathsheba, his family falls apart. In revenge, Absalom kills Amnon and takes David’s throne. David flees to Jerusalem to hide from Absalom.

    The Bible describes Absalom’s death in a harrowing way. Absalom was a rebellious son. His forces had been defeated, restoring the rightful reign of his father. But Absalom was captured in the act. His hair became entangled in the low-hanging boughs of a tree. His body was then suspended between the heavens and earth, in an infuriating position.

    The death of Absalom in the Bible is symbolic. Absalom represents Israel, specifically northern Israel. His rebellion against King Jesus and Father-God caused him to be cast out from his earthly throne. Absalom’s death in the Bible translates to the death of the true Israel.

    Absalom’s son Absalom

    Absalom, the oldest son of David, had a difficult relationship with his father. After a conflict between the two kings, Absalom fled to Hebron to gather an army and proclaim himself king. King David was appalled at the rebellion, but did not give up. He sought counsel from his counselors, and ultimately ordered his troops to avoid attacking Absalom. Absalom’s army and David’s army met in the forest of Ephraim, east of the Jordan. King David commanded his captains to treat Absalom gently, but Absalom did not heed the order.

    Absalom’s father had a son named Amnon. The two sons were born in the same year. However, Absalom’s brother Absalom was Ephraim. Amnon and Absalom did not get along, and Absalom’s son Ephraim was the only son of David to love Amnon.