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Who Was Jabez Father in the Bible

    Who Was Jabez Father in the Bible?

    If you are searching for an answer to the question, “Who was Jabez father in the Bible,” you have come to the right place. Jabez is a great example of a patriarch who prayed to God for protection from doing evil and causing pain. He lived a life free from deceit and selfish ambition, seeking influence without moral destruction. As a result, he has become a role model for the nation in the post-Clinton age.


    We can learn a lot about Jabez’s life from his genealogy. His name is found in 1 Chronicles 2:55, where he is also referred to as a place. Jabez was a very honorable man. He prayed to the God of Israel for help, and he knew that only God could deliver him from his sins. He wanted a deliverance from sin without suffering. In his prayer, Jabez asked for four specific things, and he knew that he would have to get them from God in order to be completely delivered from his sins.

    Jedah was a descendant of Jabez’s mother Shimea, and his father Asaph. He also had sons Rephah, Telah, and Tahan. Jedah’s daughter Jedediah was the mother of Joshua. Shechem is located near Ayyah and the borders of Manasseh and Taanach.

    Besides Jabez, Jedah had several other sons. Hezron, Carmi, and Hur were all his sons. His son Shobal begot Shomer, Joha, and Ahio. His sons Ahumai and Lahad were also his descendants.

    Asaph was King David’s singer, and he was also mentioned several times in the bible. He was instrumental in the temple dedication ceremonies. He was even credited with writing and singing Psalm 88.


    In the Bible, Othniel was the father of the patriarch Jabez. In Chronicles 4, he is mentioned along with his son, Judah. According to the Bible, Othniel brought Torah study to Israel. He did so during the time of mourning for Moses, and he also restored knowledge of the Oral Law. After the death of Moses, Othniel took over leadership of the people of Israel, and he was a judge for 40 years.

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    Jabez’s father, Othniel, is mentioned in the Bible for his role as a judge, and he is credited with saving the people from a king in Mesopotamia. His time in leadership was between 1350 BC and 1310 BC. He was also the first of the twelve judges mentioned in the Book of Judges, and he was a link between previous leaders and the leaders of his own time.

    In addition to being Jabez’s father, Othniel was Israel’s first Judge. The name “Jabez” is a secondary name for Othniel. In addition to his son Jabez, Othniel was the father of Achsah. Jabez was considered to be more honorable than his brothers.

    Jabez’s prayer in the Bible is a prayer to the Lord. In his prayer, he asks for support, territory extension, and protection from evil. He also asks that God help him to avoid harming other people. This is a clear sign that Jabez knew that God would grant him his requests, and that he could not do it without His help.


    In the Bible, Jabez is an honorable and good man. He called on the God of Israel for help, knowing that deliverance from sin could only come from God. He knew that only God’s power could make his deliverance absolute, free of sorrow and pain. Jabez addressed God with four requests. Each one must be granted in order for complete deliverance to be manifest.

    The name Jabez means “sorrow.” His mother gave birth to him while in pain. According to the Bible, God heard her cry and gave her a son. The name, Jabez, means “sorrow” or “pain.” The name may have been given out of pessimism.

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    Jabez is mentioned in 1 Chronicles 2:55. He may also be referred to by his place name, Othniel. Bruce Wilkinson wrote a book called The Prayer of Jabez that encourages Christians to find inspiration from the life of Jabez.

    The book of Jabez has sold over nine million copies. It has inspired several devotional books and video series. There are even songs based on Jabez’s prayer. The prayer has become one of the most important prayers in the bible. If you’d like to learn more about Jabez, you can start by reading the book!

    The Bible also mentions Jabazz as Joshua. Joshua means “the LORD saves”. The Bible explains that the name was changed to honor his prophetic calling and his role as a leader in Israel. There are several websites where you can learn more about Jabazz’s background.