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Who Was Jabez Mother in the Bible

    Who Was Jabez Mother in the Bible?

    If you are wondering who Jabez mother was in the bible, you’ve come to the right place. In a short passage of Scripture, we are told that Jabez’s mother called her son “Pain.” Names in the Old Testament were considered a trait and were often used to refer to a person’s character.


    Unlike his brothers, Jabez sought to please the God of Israel in his prayer. He wanted God to bless him, and to fulfill his purpose in life. He knew that only God could bring complete deliverance from sin, and he prayed to Him for this deliverance to come without pain and sorrow. In his prayer, Jabez addressed four specific requests to God, each of which must be granted in order to prove that he was truly delivered.

    Though Jabez was one of many children raised by his parents, he was the most noble of all. His mother may have named him for the pain she was going through, as she was young and in pain when she gave birth to him. Despite his painful birth, Jabez’s noble character and his relationship with God made him a respected man.

    Meaning of Jabez’s name

    The meaning of Jabez’s name in the bible is somewhat obscure. According to the NOBSE Study Bible, the name may refer to pain. This suggests that his mother may have named him after the pain of delivery. However, Jabez is said to have overcome the obstacles created by his painful birth. He was said to have prayed to the Lord, asking him to give him a heart of wisdom, to extend his territory, to find protection from enemies, and to be free from pain.

    The Bible mentions Jabez’s town before the man did. The town was populated by families of scribes, which would suggest that it was a center of learning. The scribes in this town were very talented, as the author of 1 Chronicles wrote.

    Relationship to his father

    In the Bible, we can read that Jabez’s father is Abraham. This is a very unusual thing to read. It means that Jabez is a true son of Abraham. However, it is important to keep some things in mind when reading about Jabez’s father.

    Jabez knew what it meant to serve God. He was also aware of his own weakness. As a result, he prayed for God’s help and guidance. He knew that he could not handle the problems by himself, and that only God could give him the help and power he needed.

    While Jabez’s father was dead, he was still considered a royal son. His name, which means “pain,” was a way of describing his plight. As a result, he was given a place in the land because he remained honorable and called upon the Lord.

    Origin of his family name

    The family name Jabez has its roots in the Old Testament, where it is associated with a King of Judah. The name comes from the Hebrew word “etseb,” which means “sorrow.” The word, “jabez,” also means “toil” and “pain.” In other words, Jabez’s family name was an appropriate choice for a man who endured great suffering.

    While Jabez is a common name, it is not the only surname bearing this name. Many Jabez families have interesting histories and are worth exploring. These people left a lasting impact on the world.

    Characteristics of his prayer

    In Jabez’s prayer, we read about his deep faith and passion. He knew God’s power and was confident that He would keep His hand on him. His faith based him on God’s promise to Abraham. This was a powerful prayer. Despite the difficulty of his life, Jabez continued to pray for the help of God.

    The character of Jabez’s life shows that his father and mother were not perfect and were a source of much sorrow in his life. This impacted Jabez’s childhood. His first memories of his mother were of her weeping, which made him more loving and caring. As a result, Jabez became a man of faith, honor, and grace. As a result, he taught his mother to pray for God and to plant a seed of faith in her heart.

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