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Who Was Joash in the Bible

    Who is Joash in the Bible?who was joash in the bible

    Joash is a biblical character who served as king of Judah. Known by many names, including Joas and Joash, he was the eighth king of Judah and the sole surviving son of Ahaziah. He reigned for forty years, beginning when he was only seven years old.

    Joash was a good king

    According to the Bible, Joash was a good king who ruled Judah for forty years. He was instructed by the priest Jehoiada and did what was right in the eyes of the LORD. Most of the Bible focuses on Joash’s financial dealings as king. His major accomplishments include making repairs to the temple and giving money to the people to keep King Hazael from attacking Jerusalem.

    Joash’s family tree is a messy one. There was a lot of intermarriage between the Israelite and Judean royal families. His grandmother, Athaliah, was the daughter of a notorious Israelite couple. She later married King Joram, the son of Judah’s King Jehoshaphat, and died without sorrow.

    Joash was born into a royal family that ruled over Judah. His father, King Ahaziah, was present when a coup occurred in neighboring Israel. The queen mother killed the king’s sons and daughters, but the infant Joash was rescued by the late king’s sister. His aunt, Jehosheba, who was the wife of the LORD’s priest Jehoiada, hid the baby in a temple and raised it.

    As a young boy, Joash was a good king, trying to follow the rules of God. He learned about the law and his duties to God at the temple. His High Priest in the temple also taught him all about God. He knew that Athaliah shouldn’t be ruler of Judah and that the people needed a good king. Joash’s High Priest prepared him with everything he would need to be a good king.

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    During his reign, King Jehoash retook cities from the Syrians. He did what was right in the eyes of the priest and advanced the cause of God in Judah’s kingdom. He was a good king, and one of the most popular of all the biblical kings.

    He fought against Amaziah

    Joash was the eighth king of Judah. He began his reign by punishing the people who killed his father, Ahaziah. He was also the first to recruit a large army of Israelite soldiers. His aim was to bring the people of Edom under Judah’s rule. Joash sent back mercenaries and eventually defeated the Edomites.

    The king was confident enough to wage war on Israel because he had already defeated Edom. He gathered an army of 300,000 men. During the war, his army killed 20,000 people. In contrast, King Joash (Jehoahaz) of Israel had about ten chariots, fifty horsemen and 10,000 foot soldiers.

    Joash was right to stand up to Amaziah, the Edomites’ greatest king. Despite his defeat, he faithfully followed Joash’s policies. Amaziah even allowed sacrifices on high places. However, he did not match up favorably with David. This led to his downfall.

    Amaziah’s army was not well-equipped to face Joash. It was a battle between a man and God. The battle took place in the Salt Valley of Edom. In the process, Amaziah’s army killed 10,000 men from Seir.

    Amaziah, a man who refused to listen to the prophets and followed the gods of Edom, thought that he could defeat Joash in battle. He had been blinded by idolatry and could not reason well. However, God had other plans for him.

    Amaziah lived for fifteen years after Joash. After Joash’s death, he fled to Lachish. He was killed in Lachish and was buried with his fathers in the city of David. This was a difficult time for the Israelite people, and it is easy to see how they could have been so loyal to Joash.

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    Fortunately, the Bible teaches us that Joash led the Kingdom of Israel to victory against Amaziah of Judah. According to Chronicles, Amaziah had taken idols from the Edomites, and this led to his ruin. As a result, the Chronicles author states that Amaziah challenged Jehoash to a battle.

    After Joash had defeated Amaziah, he sent a message to Amaziah. The message was sent to Amaziah by a cedar and a thistle in Lebanon. Elisha was angry with Joash for only striking the ground three times, but Joash should have struck the ground five or six times. This would have defeated Aram completely. Jehoash also took the city of Jerusalem, shattered its four hundred cubit wall, and seized all of its treasures.

    He participated in a ritual to demonstrate faith in God

    Joash was born during a bloody revolution in the Southern Kingdom of Judah. His grandmother, Athalia, had killed nearly every male heir in her quest to become king. However, her ambitions conflicted with the promises made by God to protect David’s bloodline. As a result, Joash’s mother, Jehosheba, took care of him, hiding him in a Temple room for six years.

    Joash continued the sinful traditions of his lineage, yet he still worshipped the Lord outwardly. Nevertheless, his son Jehoahaz pleaded with the Lord for deliverance, and the Lord heard his cries and granted him his request. However, Joash’s actions turned him into an enemy of God’s people. During Joash’s reign, the Israelites continued to live in tents and committed the sins committed by Jeroboam. Even Joash’s wooden image of the LORD remained in Samaria.

    He was assassinated by two of his servants

    A new study reveals the details of Joash’s assassination in the bible. According to 2 Chronicles 24:25, two of Joash’s retainers, Jozacar son of Shimeath and Jehozabad son of Shomer, killed the king. They were avenging the murder of Zechariah, the son of the High Priest Jehoiada.

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    Joash is known as a good king, but that doesn’t mean he was a saintly one. His family tree was a twisted mess thanks to intermarriage between Judean and Israelite royalty. His grandmother, Athaliah, married King Joram of Judah, a man whose death caused no mourning.

    Amaziah took over from Joash, and did what was right in the eyes of the Lord. His actions were more like his father than his ancestor David. However, he was more like his father than the other King Joash in the bible.

    As the house of David was on the verge of dissolution, two of his servants attempted to save the house of David. Jesus would ultimately establish an eternal kingdom through the lineage of David. However, his evil granny was a manipulative influence. When he was a young boy, Joash’s evil granny was pulling his strings. His evil granny yelled “treason” to protect Joash, but his followers ignored her, and the two servants killed the queen.

    Joash’s reign began in great splendor, but in his later years, he strayed from the right path. His mistakes cost the people of Judah greatly. The Aramaeans invaded and occupied much of Judah, and Hazael’s army looted and killed wherever they went. The Aramaeans even robbed the treasuries of the Temple and palace.

    Jehoash was born in 3055 BC. His reign began in 3061 BC, and he reigned for forty years. He was one of the great kings of Judea. After his death, his son Amaziah became the king.

    Elisha was angry with Joash for not shooting more arrows. He thought Joash should have struck Ben-hadad at least five times.