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Who Was Moses Mother in the Bible

    Who Was Moses’ Mother in the Bible?

    You might be wondering who Moses’ mother was. You can read more about Jochebed, the daughter of Pharaoh, below. You’ll learn more about Her faith and sacrifice. And you’ll gain a better understanding of the mother of Moses in the Bible. Hopefully you’ll also gain an appreciation for the mother-son relationship and how to understand the biblical narratives about parenting skills.


    Jochebed was Moses’ mother in the Biblical story. She is the daughter of the Pharaoh and named him Moses. When the child was older, his mother renamed him again to Moses. The name Moses means “to draw out” in Hebrew. Jochebed’s courage and love for her son helped her overcome many difficulties. Jochebed’s sacrifice was a model of compassion.

    The Hebrew word “tov” means “good,” and Jochebed’s actions reflect that. The Hebrew word “tov” is also used to describe “fine” and “beautiful.” The word is found in Genesis 1:4 and 1,10, where it refers to Moses’ birth. While this is a common translation of the word, “tov” means “fine,” it also implies that Moses was not an ordinary baby. Jochebed hid her son in the Nile for three months.

    Jochebed was a strong woman of faith. She spared her son for the sake of God. She knew that the Nile was filled with dangerous creatures that could easily swallow her son, but she still had faith in God. She made a basket for her son and put him on the river. As a result, she saved Moses.

    After Jochebed was pregnant, she hid her child for three months before bringing him out. This is because the Pharaoh was frightened of the Israelites and feared their alliance. When her son was born, Jochebed had to make a shelter for him. She may have been guided by God to build an ark from bullrushes and daubed it with pitch and slime. She hid her son for three months while she was in Egypt.

    Jochebed is a short character in the Bible, but an important one. She was the mother of the prophet Moses. Her son Aaron later became the high priest of the Israelites. Jochebed, despite her short life, saved her son from death. She did so because she trusted in God to protect her baby.

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    Pharaoh’s daughter

    It isn’t clear exactly who Moses’ mother was, but the Bible mentions a Pharaoh’s daughter. Jochebed, a Pharaoh’s daughter, gave birth to Moses and nursed him for three years. She may not have given him a Hebrew name.

    The biblical account of Pharaoh’s daughter is sparse, and later interpreters added details to the story. Some named her Thermuthis, while others gave her the name Bityah, which comes from her conversion to the Jewish God. She later tries to raise Moses as an Israelite, with her father serving as his tutor. These embellishments are based on the worldview of the authors of the Bible, and their own understanding of the child and the situation.

    Pharaoh’s daughter did not know her birth mother. She hid the infant in a basket of reeds. When Pharaoh’s daughter came to bathe, she saw the basket and saw a baby crying in it. It turned out to be a Hebrew child, and the pharaoh’s daughter guessed the baby was an Israelite.

    It’s unclear exactly who Moses’ mother was, but it is believed that Hatshepsut was the daughter of Thutmose I, the pharaoh of Egypt. Her reign began fourteen years after her father’s coronation. During the time that Moses was floating down the Nile, she was the Pharaoh’s only daughter.

    Moses was born around 1526 BC during the reign of Thutmosis I. Although this date is controversial, it is consistent with the biblical Moses’ mother’s birth date. In fact, the Bible mentions that Moses was born to a Pharaoh’s daughter.

    Her faith

    Moses’ mother’s faith in the bible is largely unknown. The Bible doesn’t tell us how she became a believer. Instead, it reveals that God prepared Moses and his mother for their son’s mission, which was to free the people of Israel from slavery in Egypt. Though little is known about her faith, it is important to note that her actions were influenced by her faith.

    Moses’ parents believed in God and the simple promise of God’s Word. They believed that God would deliver the Israelites in four hundred years. This belief was so strong that the parents hid the baby Moses for three months before delivering him to God. They did this because they loved Moses more than they loved the king. But they also had to trust God for their son’s life, because the odds were very much against him.

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    Jochebed was Moses’ mother, and she is one of the most important women in the Old Testament. Though she was a short, unknown woman, she was very courageous and had great faith in God. Her faith is evident in her decision to hide Moses, as she did so to avoid Pharaoh’s decree that all male Hebrew children be killed. Jochebed was a great example of faith in God and her decision to risk her life in order to protect her son.

    Moses mother Jochebed had a powerful faith, and she passed her values on to Moses. Moses would pass on these godly values to his people.

    Her sacrifice

    Jochebed, the mother of Moses, is a character from the Bible who is mentioned only briefly in the Book of Exodus. Her life story is a story of faith and sacrifice. She hid her son from the Egyptians for three months and then placed him in the river Nile. She did this because she trusted God to take care of her baby. She is also credited with giving birth to Aaron, the high priest of Israel.

    Rahab, Moses’s mother, had three children. The first of these was a son, and the mother named him Moses, which means “to draw out.” During his childhood, she had to hide Moses in order to protect him from the evil that was in the world. Ultimately, her actions saved Moses and his people from slavery.

    Moses’ mother, Jochebed, had to raise her son for three years. She had to instill the values of God in him, including his faith in God and his bravery. However, Jochebed eventually had to leave him, and his father took him. Jochebed did not know how to discern God’s will, but she did teach him about the Patriarchs and the Great Covenantal Promises. She also taught him about God’s love and trust in God.

    Moses’ mother was famous in God’s eyes for her faith. Faith is a Christian word that is used often but is often misunderstood. Moses’ mother had a sustaining faith, which is the same thing as saving faith. Sustaining faith is the kind of faith that we should live by every day and not just when we feel like it.

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    Her relationship with her son

    The biblical data on Moses’s mother is sparse. However, he was blessed with a mother who had faith in God and prayed for him to be delivered. His parents must have been burdened by the state of their people and prayed to God to provide a deliverer. Like the parents of John the Baptist, Moses’ mother may have prayed for her son’s life and that of the nation.

    As a child, Moses was an excellent child before God. His mother, Jochebed, had him raised in the ways of the Egyptians. She taught him about the Patriarchs, the Great Covenantal Promises, and the importance of fearlessness. As a result, he grew to be an accomplished and powerful man. The Hebrew text uses the word yeled seven times in this story.

    In the bible, Moses’ mother Jochebed was a very important character. Although her name and hometown are unknown, she was well-known for her faith and devotion. She probably lived in Goshen in Egypt. Jochebed’s story can be found in chapter two of the Book of Exodus and in the book of Numbers.

    Moses’ mother was a very strong woman. She was not only a leader, but also an excellent mother. Her role in her son’s life was essential to his destiny. The relationship between Moses and his mother was complex and difficult. Although he had many responsibilities, she made sure he had the support he needed to succeed in his mission.

    Moses’ mother was a Levite. She took him under her wing when he was a young child. She gave him a name, and named him Moses. Jochebed paid her daughter to nurse him and took care of him.

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