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Who Was Nahor’s Father in the Bible

    Who Was Nahor’s Father in the Bible? who was nahors father in the bible

    If you’ve ever wondered, “Who was Nahor’s father in the bible?” you’re not alone. The other male ancestors of Nahor were Terah, Serug, Milcah, Reumah, and Serug. These men, who lived about two hundred and fifty years apart, all had sons and daughters.


    Terah was a father in the bible who migrated his family from Ur to Haran. He had unfinished business in Haran, and did not fulfill the command of God to go to Canaan. He stayed in Haran and died. His sons Abram and Lot followed him to Haran, and Nahor and Milcah stayed in Ur.

    Terah was a polytheist, and his fathers Nahor and Serug believed in many gods. Terah’s family lived in Ur of the Chaldees, and his descendants included Nahor, Lot, and Serug.


    The Book of Jubilees gives many details about Serug’s life, including the name of his mother and the name of his wife. It also says that his first name was Seroh, but that his name was changed to Serug after the children of Noah started fighting and building the city of Ur Kesdim. In addition, it says that Serug was the first patriarchal line to turn away from monotheism and to teach the soror.

    Despite his fatherly love, Serug was very uneasy about the world around him. He hoped that the Lord would work in his people and make them obedient to God. His son Nahor was named Nahor, which means “wrath.”


    Nahor is a Hebrew name. He was a descendant of Terah and brother of Abraham. He married the daughter of Haran and stayed in the land of Terah. The Bible describes Nahor as being the father of twelve sons, with eight of his children being by his wife, and four by his concubine.

    The Bible gives us little information about Nahor’s parents, but we do know that Nahor had a wife named Milcah. She was the daughter of Haran and was Abram’s half-sister. The Bible mentions her offspring in Genesis 22:20-23. Her son Bethuel was the father of Rebekah.


    Reumah was Nahor’s mother, but the biblical account does not mention the name of her father. Nahor’s children were numbered eight by his wife Milcah and four by his concubine Reumah. Nahor’s sons included Laban and Rebekah, and one of their descendants was Messiah, the son of Abraham and Sarah.

    After Nahor married Milcah, he had eight sons by Milcah. These eight sons included Uz, Buz, and Pildash, who later became the ancestors of the Arameans. Nahor also had four more sons by Reumah.

    Serug ben Terah

    Serug ben Terah is one of Abraham’s great-grandfathers. He was born around 2185 BC and lived for two hundred years, siring nine and twenty years before he died. His son Nahor was named after him, and the bible calls him “Saruch” in the Greek version of Luke 3:35. He is also mentioned in the book of Jubilees.

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    Serug was the son of Reu and Peleg. Peleg later became the father of Eber and Nahor. In the bible, Peleg lived for two hundred and nine years and begat sons and daughters. His son Reu had another son named Ragau.

    Terah ben Milcah

    Terah ben Milcah is the father of Nahor and Abram. He was around 130 years old at the time Abraham was born. The bible also mentions Terah’s family. He was from the line of Shem, the son of Noah. His descendants included Lot and Haran. He also had a daughter-in-law named Sarai. The family moved to Haran, a place where Terah lived with his wife Sarai and their son Nahor.

    Terah ben Milcah was a descendant of Shem and Serug. He was also the father of Nahor and Terah. Nahor was the most distantly related of the three sons of Shem. Nahor was the shortest-lived of Shem’s descendants. His wife was a daughter of Haran.

    Reumah ben Terah

    Reumah ben Terah is one of the most prominent and influential figures in the Bible. His descendants were a group of people named Abram, Nahor, and Haran. These men, like Terah, were descendants of Shem. Terah is described as a wise man who had knowledge about the times and the laws of the land.

    Nahor is also a descendant of Serug, the father of Terah. His sons were named after him, and their geographic distribution is significant. They represent the tribes in Aram-Naharaim, the middle Euphrates, and the northern Transjordan desert.

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