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Who Was Obed Edom in the Bible

    Who is Obed-Edom in the Bible?who was obed edom in the bible

    The Bible mentions a man named Obed-Edom. The name means servant of Edom, and it appears in the books of 2 Samuel, 1 and 2 Chronicles. He was a gatekeeper, a Levite, and a Gittite.

    Obed-Edom was a Gittite

    While Obed-Edom played a minor role in Scripture, his story is one of blessing and faith. His desire to be in God’s presence resulted in a relationship between him and God that lasted for generations. In this brief article, we will look at what makes Obed-Edom’s story a good example of a blessing from God.

    The name Obed-Edom, which means “servant of Edom,” comes from the Gittite language. He is also a Philistine, despite being a Gentile. His descendants became closely associated with the Ark of the Covenant, which was stored at his house. This association with God changed the relationship between Obed-Edom and the children of Israel. His descendants acted as an icon at the doorway to God’s house of worship.

    He was a Levite

    Obed edom was a Levitene of the second degree. He served the king of Israel during the times of Amaziah and he was the son of Obed Edom the Gittite. He was a Merarite and also a Kohathite.

    In the Hebrew Bible, Obed-Edom is referred to as a Giddite in 2 Samuel 6:10-12 and in 1 Chronicles 13:13-14. Giddite means “from Gath”, a Philistine city. However, the word can also mean “Gath-rimmon,” one of the four Levitical cities in Dan. According to J. Rowland, Obed-Edom served as a Levite from 1 Chronicles 15 onward.

    He was a Philistine

    The name Obed Edom means “servant” in Hebrew and comes from the word “dam,” which means “blood.” Obed Edom was a Philistine, but he had a deeper revelation of Jesus’ blood than Abinadab. Unlike Abinadab, Obed Edom returned to the temple with priests that were consecrated and educated about carrying the Ark of the Covenant. This caused the people to rejoice and dance, replacing the terror they had felt.

    The name Obed-Edom was of Philistine origin, a Gentile who lived in the city of Gath. According to the Bible, the Philistines were in the midst of God’s judgment of Israel and were forced to give the Ark back to the Israelites. The Ark remained in the house of Obed-Edom for three months.

    He was a gatekeeper

    According to the Bible, Obed edom was a Gittite who was the gatekeeper. He was a part of the procession and was assigned to guard the S side of the sanctuary grounds in Jerusalem. His role included caring for the gold and silver. He was later moved to Samaria.

    Obed Edom is first mentioned in 2 Samuel 6:10-12. The text identifies him as a Giddite, a Philistine. However, the name Giddite can also mean Gath-rimmon, a city of the Kohathites in Dan. From then on, Obed Edom served as a Levite.

    He sacrificed oxen and sheep to cover sins

    According to the Bible, Obed-Edom was a member of the tribe of Levi. He is first mentioned in 2 Samuel 6:10, when David is bringing the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem. He sacrificially sacrificed oxen and sheep to make the Ark of the Covenant more acceptable to God.

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    The sons of Obed-Edom also served in God’s temple. His sons were appointed as gatekeepers in the temple. He named them according to the blessings the Lord had bestowed on him and his household. His firstborn son was named Jehozabad, which means ‘The Lord has given’, while his second-born son was named Issachar. His children were all strong men, and he had sixty-two sons.

    He was a mighty man of valour

    Obed edom was a Philistine who lived in the time of King David. He was also a Gittite. His house was where David left the ark after Uzzah’s death. David was encouraged to move the ark to Jerusalem when he received a blessing from Obed-edom. This blessing is recorded in 2 Samuel 6:10-10.

    The name Obed-Edom is found in the Hebrew Bible. He is first mentioned in 2 Samuel 6:10, when David was bringing the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem. Then, Obed-Edom is mentioned again in 2 Samuel 6:18.

    He was from Gath-rimmon

    Obed-Edom was a member of the Levi tribe. His name first appears in the Bible in 2 Samuel 6:10. He was entrusted with carrying the ark of the covenant. He was the son of Jeduthun. The ark was an important symbol of the presence of God among the Israelites.

    He was a Levite who served under David. He lived in Gath-rimmon. The Bible says that David had 600 men from another nation follow him. Obed-edom may have been one of these men.