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Who Was Perez Wife in the Bible

    Who Was Perez Wife in the Bible?

    The question of who was Perez wife in the Bible is an extremely popular one. The answer is not as simple as you might think. Among the biblical characters with wives, we can find Tamar, Zerah, Judah, Hezron, and Judith. Each woman had their own unique story and interesting characteristics, which are important to know if you are to understand their story.


    Tamar is the wife of Perez, a man in the Hebrew Bible. According to the story, Tamar gave birth to twin sons, Perez and Zerah. Although the biblical account of her life ends abruptly, the name of Tamar and her son Perez are etched into the history books as symbols of righteousness and blessing. Ruth, another book from the Bible, tells of townspeople recalling the story of Tamar and her sons.

    The birth of Perez was a small event, but it had monumental consequences for his family. The child was born as the firstborn of the father, and Perez’s spirit passed on to the firstborn. Perez’s firstborn would later become King David and the Messiah. These stories of the Messiah prove God’s mercy toward sinful men.


    Zerah is a woman in the Bible. She is a member of the family of Jacob. She has no sons, but her name is recorded with the family during the exodus from Egypt. She is also mentioned as the mother of Zimri and Achan.

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    Perez was an ancestor of the tribe of Judah and David, and he is also included in the genealogy of Jesus in the NT. His name, Perez, means “breach,” which is related to his father’s family name. In the Zohar, the name contains the plene spelling of the Hebrew word toledot, which means “generations.” The name Perez indicates that he will be the descendant of Messiah, which the Torah has also mentioned.


    Judah was the son of David, and was also the father of Perez and Zerah. Perez was also the chief of the captains of the host. Judah had five sons: two sons of Perez were named Hamul and Hezron, and one son was named Carmi. His two other sons were named Omri and Bani. Both sons were prominent men during David’s reign.

    Judah was a man of honor. He promised to give Tamar a kid from his flock for sexual favors. Tamar, however, didn’t trust him. She wanted something to prove her fatherhood, such as a signet or a cord. She also wanted a staff.


    The Bible mentions two people named Perez and his wife, Tamar. Tamar disguised herself as a prostitute and became pregnant. She named her twins Zerah and Perez, but the name Zerah is not recognized as the firstborn. Perez and Zerah were born separately, but their mother is the same Tamar. The Bible also mentions the mother of Zerah and Tamar’s twins.

    Perez’s father was Judah. This means he is Judah’s son, which makes him an important link in the genealogy of Jesus Christ. The name “Perez” comes from the Hebrew word plene, which means “generations.” The name “perez” is also an indication that Perez is a descendant of Messiah.


    Perez was the ancestor of David. He was also included in the genealogy of Jesus in the New Testament (NT). He was the father of Hamul and Hezron. He was also the ancestral head of the PERIZITES. According to the Book of Ruth, there were nine generations between Perez and King David. However, Matthew and Luke include an extra generation.

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    Perez had five sons, including Hamul. He had three sons from his wife Bathshua, and two from another Canaanite woman. The oldest of his sons was Er, and the other two were Onan and Shelah. Perez’s twin sister Zerah had five sons, as was his daughter Tamar. She also bore the troublemaker, Achar.


    Perez’s wife was Tamar. She bore Perez and his twin brother Zerah. Perez was the ancestor of King David and Jesus Christ. His name in Hebrew is “Perez,” meaning “breach” or “burst forth.” Perez’s father was Judah, the patriarch of the Israelite tribe bearing his name. Judah arranged the marriage between Er and Tamar and later called it “wicked in the sight of the Lord.”

    Perez’s wife Tamar was a prostitute who came from a wealthy family. Tamar’s husband Judah’s eldest son had died. Tamar was pregnant with twins and was dressed as a prostitute. Judah had no idea who Tamar was, but he had a son with her. Tamar’s husband was furious and threatened to kill her and his daughter if she had an affair with him. The couple were later remarried.


    Tamar, Onan’s wife in the bible, was assertive and subversive. Her loyalty to her husband’s family was strong and her loyalty to her husband was equally strong. Her children would inherit their father’s estate. Tamar’s daughter Ruth also became a member of the Perez family, and she married Boaz. Their descendants included King David.

    Tamar’s brothers would not allow her to be married to another man. Their brother-in-law’s duty was to bear a male heir to the family. By doing this, he would ensure his inheritance. But Onan refused to bear a child with Tamar, and the Lord punished him by killing him for the vile act. After this, Tamar returned to her husband, Judah. However, Judah refused to give her Shelah.