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Who Was Priscilla in the Bible

    Who is Priscilla in the Bible?

    Priscilla was a married woman in the first century. She lived with the Apostle Paul. Paul referred to them as “fellow workers” in Christ Jesus. In the Bible, Her husband and her work ethic are mentioned. Learn about her life and her relationship with Paul.


    Priscilla and Aquila were early Christian missionaries and married in the first century. They were listed among the Seventy Disciples and lived with the Apostle Paul. Paul referred to them as his “fellow workers in Christ Jesus.” Although the couple’s role in the Bible is unclear, it is assumed that they were important to the early Christian church.

    Priscilla and Aquila were both tent makers, and Paul took them along with him to Ephesus to begin a church there. Paul mentioned Priscilla first six times in the New Testament, which indicates that she had a high position in the work they did. After Paul’s missionary work in Ephes was finished, he and Priscilla returned to Corinth and were active in the early churches.

    Priscilla was an important person in the early Church and was recognized as a teacher of Jesus’ teachings. As such, she was given the responsibility of passing that knowledge on to others. She had a difficult time letting Apollos go, as he had a reputation as being a talented talker.

    Priscilla and Aquila are important examples of women who married men who were committed to the Christian faith. They both supported and encouraged the apostle Paul in his ministry, and became close friends with him. As a result, they became missionaries. This meant closing their home and business in Rome and moving to Corinth. Their ministry and marriage were two integral parts of their lives. In this way, they were both powerful.

    Priscilla in the Bible was a robust woman who devoted her life to serving God. She was a faithful wife and friend to Paul. She taught Apollo about God, and she was a helpful partner to her husband. She was also a strong Christian, and she did not fear the persecutors.

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    Although Priscilla was exiled from Rome for her conversion to Christianity, she was a role model for the early Christians. She endured persecution and death, but she continued to serve God. By living the Christian life and helping others, Priscilla can be an inspiration to us today.

    Her work ethic

    The Bible mentions a woman named Priscilla, who is known for her work ethic and dedication. She and her husband Aquila, who was a Jew, worked together as a missionary couple in Corinth, spreading the gospel and leading people to faith. Though they faced opposition from some people, they were always ready to share their faith with those who wished to learn more.

    Priscilla and Aquila are mentioned first in the book of Romans. They were traveling companions of the apostle Paul. Priscilla was considered the more dominating personality of the two, but both were helpful and fun to be around. Moreover, both women had a strong work ethic. They were devoted to the church and risked their lives for the gospel.

    Priscilla and Aquila were excellent church leaders. They hosted a church in Ephesus, then went to Corinth when the Romans were expelled. Their occupations led them to meet Paul, and they remained his hosts when he visited Corinth.

    Priscilla and Aquila travelled to Rome to establish a church, but did not stay there for long. They left Rome in AD 52, but returned to Ephesus eight years later. They continued to work together as teachers of the gospel and were instrumental in helping Paul spread the gospel.

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    Although Priscilla was not the model for feminism in the ancient world, she is a role model for women. She was an ideal helpmeet for her husband, adding synergy to their husband/wife team. In the coming sermon, I will mine this data and apply it to our lives today.

    Her relationship with Paul

    Priscilla and Aquila are introduced in the book of Acts as women who fled the persecution of Claudius, the Roman Emperor, to live in Corinth. While there, they met the Apostle Paul, who was then suffering from weakness and fear, and helped him in his missionary activities.

    Priscilla and Aquila were involved in the early church, and she worked to help Paul by teaching and mentoring others. She also worked to protect the apostle Paul, risking her life to do so. Priscilla was a great example of a Christian woman.

    Priscilla and Aquila learned about Jesus together, and accompanied him to the synagogue to preach the gospel. They persuaded people to follow Christ, but not everyone accepted their testimony. Eventually, they stopped preaching in the synagogue and taught in the home of Titus Justus. Their ministry was rewarded, however, when the chief ruler of the synagogue came to believe in Jesus.

    Paul’s friends Aquila and Priscilla were important in the early church. They supported Paul and his mission by sharing their home with the church. They also ministered to the locals. They also helped to build the early church by providing a place for its members to worship and meet.

    Priscilla and Aquila were known for being diligent students of the Word. Their devotion to the Word allowed them to mentor other disciples. They also took Apollos under their wing and made him a great servant of God. Their influence on Paul’s ministry is acknowledged in six New Testament references.

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