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Who Was Stoned to Death in the Bible

    Who Was Stoned to Death in the Bible?who was stoned to death in the bible

    The Bible records several instances of people being stoned to death for their sins. Naboth, Adoniram, Zechariah, and Stephen all suffered from this fate. However, we do not know the names of the rest of the people who died by this method. These men were all convicted of their sins.


    The story of Naboth’s death is found in 1 Kings 21, and it involves the downfall of the wicked king Ahab of Israel and his wife Jezebel. Naboth had been mistreated by Ahab and his wife, and they were promised a violent death.

    When Naboth was arrested, two worthless men sat across from him and proclaimed in front of the entire city that he had sinned against God and the king. They then took him out of the city and stoned him to death. When Ahab heard about the death, he went down to the vineyard and took it over.

    Jezebel thought Naboth was selfish and stubborn, so she wrote a letter to the leaders of the town in which Naboth lived. In the letter, she ordered a special day to pray for Naboth and made bad men lie about him. Jezebel signed the letter and sealed it with the King’s seal. The town’s nobles complied with the order.

    Naboth’s death is significant because it shows the suffering of Jews throughout the ages. The story is frequently cited in debates over state property rights, treason, and cursing the king. The story also shows the consequences of abusing power and authority.

    Naboth owned a piece of land near the palace of King Ahab. The king wanted the land for a vegetable garden, but Naboth refused to sell it. Eventually, Ahab offered him money to buy the land, but Naboth refused. Because of this, Ahab had no choice but to kill him.

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    When Adoniram was put on trial, he received an unfair trial and was stoned to death. His sentence was to be put in the Death Prison. There, the prisoners were tied to bamboo poles, their shoulders touching the floor, and the smell of human waste and rotting food filled the air. Rats screeched in the distance, making the atmosphere even more disgusting.

    He was a son of a Congregationalist minister who excelled at everything he did. He began learning to read at a very young age. His father was away on a journey when his son learned to read and was astonished by his brilliance. Later, Adoniram became enamored with his brilliance and refused to join the ministry.

    Adoniram Judson was a missionary in Burma. He loved the Lord but hated the life he lived on earth. He had no desire to be like other people, but was happy to fill the needs of Christ in Burma. In this way, he fulfilled the purpose of his life – to glorify God.

    When the Israelite monarchy adopted the Canaanite pattern of forced labor, the practice was also adapted. Adoniram’s father, Abda, is also named in the Bible. In 2 Chronicles 10:18, Rehobam, the son of Solomon, was facing a crowd led by Jeroboam. The latter asked Rehobam to make the people’s lives easier. He was told to take care of his workers.

    The Biblical account of the stoning of Adoniram demonstrates how a person can be stoned to death even though he did not commit the crime. The Mosaic Law regulated the use of stoning, but it made it clear that a trial was required before a person could be stoned to death. The law also stipulated that two witnesses testify.

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    Adoniram Judson was a missionary to Burma. While there, he tried to convert the people from Buddhism. As a result, he was threatened with death. The Burmese people resisted the conversion. Adoniram’s language teacher had a warning for him: “Burmese people would rather live in hell with their families than in hell alone.”


    In the Bible, Zechariah was the son of Jehoiada and was stoned to death. He is the last known martyr in the Hebrew Bible. He denounced the rulers for their sin and was ordered to be stoned to death in the courtyard of the Lord’s temple. His death is mentioned in 2 Chronicles, the last book of the Hebrew Bible. Some scholars claim that Zechariah was the son of Zechariah, but others argue that it was his grandfather.

    In the Bible, Zechariah was stoned to death for blasphemy, a terrible sin. He was a member of the freedmen’s synagogue, which is referred to as the “synagogue.” Stephen was also stoned to death for blaspheming God.

    In Luke’s Gospel, Zacharias was described as a common priest. In the Old Testament, the role of the high priest was a political appointment. He had the honor of lighting the incense altar. The text also describes an angel Gabriel visiting Zacharias in the Holy Place.

    The Hebrew Bible also mentions the story of Zechariah ben Jehoiada being stoned to death in the temple. The Aramaic commentary on the Book of Lamentations says that Zechariah’s death was ordered on the Day of Atonement, which is the same day King Joash ordered his murder. The incident is also mentioned in Jewish history outside of the Bible.

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    Zakariya was also a prophet. He was the son of Berekiah and Abel, the first and last Old Testament martyrs. He was a priest of the Second Temple in Jerusalem and was often in charge of managing the temple’s services. However, the biblical account is not clear which version is correct. The Jerusalem Talmud gives an alternative version of the legend.

    The Bible teaches that God will judge those who kill godly men. Zakariya’s execution was in the middle of the Temple. This incident occurred 35 years after Jesus’ death. It is unclear whether Zakariya was killed for his beliefs or because of his wealth. Regardless, he was executed for speaking the truth and hating wickedness and favoring liberty.