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Who Was the First Deaconess in the Bible

    Who Was the First Deaconess in the Bible?

    The first deaconess in the Bible was called Phoebe. In Matthew 14:59, the deaconess was banished from the church fellowship for breaking her vows. However, she was restored to the Church a few years later. Read on to discover more about Phoebe and the office of deacon.


    Phoebe was a very important deaconess in the early church. She was a respected social figure who helped many people, especially the apostle Paul. In fact, she served as a deacon in Cenchreae, where she helped Paul deliver his message to Rome. Her deaconess status was very important to Paul, who valued it highly.

    Phoebe was not a Jew, but she was a devout Christian who bore the name of the Greek Moon-Goddess, meaning “pure or radiant.” The Bible describes her as a servant of the church in Cenchrea, and it is a beautiful story for women to learn.

    Paul commends Phoebe for her leadership and hospitality. In addition, he lauds her character, as well as her accomplishments. Phoebe was well-respected as a minister of sound doctrine and a wealth-oriented businesswoman. Moreover, it is possible that she had a servant-type role and may have had a paid scribe named Tertius to help her write the letters.

    Qualifications for the office of deacon

    In the Bible, deacons must possess certain qualifications, including honesty, reverence, and the ability to manage their finances. A deacon must have a good conscience and be free from addiction to alcohol or food. It is a serious position requiring a high moral standard and a willingness to undergo a spiritual test. A deacon must also be faithful to his wife and children.

    A deacon must be a devout Christian and hold to the faith. His wife must be of the same faith as he is, and must also exhibit godly qualities. She must avoid gossip, impure speech, and false accusations. She must be free from intoxicants and be a good example to her husband.

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    Qualifications for a deaconess

    The biblical qualifications for a deaconess are necessary for effective administration of the church. This position is a crucial one for the Christian community. The Bible does not provide a full list of character qualities, but it provides guidelines for discerning a deaconess.

    Qualifications for a deaconess differ from those for elders, but they share many similarities. First, a deacon is not to be an addict or greedy for dishonest gain. Second, a deacon is to be blameless and a husband of one wife. Thirdly, a deacon must have the ability to manage his household. Both positions require a serious commitment to the faith and a life that is worthy of respect. A deaconess should inspire awe and reverence in the eyes of everyone around her.

    In addition to having the ability to preach and teach, deacons must possess good character. They should not be greedy, nor should they be greedy with church resources. Thirdly, a deacon must have a pure conscience. Last but not least, a deacon must be a good husband and a good manager of his household. Having these attributes will give a deacon the good standing and great boldness in his faith in Christ.

    Functions of a deacon

    In the Bible, deacons fulfill several functions. Their primary function is to support the elders in their ministry of the Word. In addition, deacons help oversee the church’s practical needs, such as finances and media. Their secondary role is to minister to the spiritual needs of the congregation. The specific tasks a deacon has will depend on the local church.

    It is important for deacons to be respected and trustworthy, as well as to be honest with church funds and resources. Moreover, they must have a clean conscience and be committed to the mystery of faith. Deacons must pass a test and must be willing to dedicate their lives to serving the church. They must also respect their wives, not slander them, and practice self-control. In addition, they must be faithful in all their activities.

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    Meaning of the word diakonos in the bible

    The word diakonos is a Greek noun that is used 32 times in the New Testament. It means “service”, “ministry,” or “support”. Among other usages, it refers to a specific group of people or group activities. For instance, the word is used to refer to the ministry of the Word, famine relief, and monetary donations. It is also used to refer to the ministry of the church among the Gentiles.

    In the Bible, the word diakonos is translated as “servant” and “minister.” It has also been translated as “waiter” or “waitress.” In addition, the word diakonos refers to a Christian teacher or pastor. Strong’s Concordance provides additional information on the meaning of Bible words and phrases.

    Meaning of diakonos in the bible

    The word diakonos has several meanings in the Bible. Most versions of the Bible translate it as “servant,” but the King James Version (KJV) translates it as “minister” and “servants.” While diakonos is a common title for church leaders and servants, it is also used to refer to the office of a deacon.

    In the Bible, diakonos describes a leader in a church. They express leadership through their service to the whole congregation. This kind of ministry can lead to other leadership roles, such as evangelism. Here are some examples of diakonos roles.

    Diakonos is derived from the Greek word dia + konis. Earlier, it was a Greek term for servants and messengers.

    Phoebe’s role as a deaconesses

    Phoebe was not a Jew but a devout Christian. She bore the name of the Greek Moon-Goddess, and was commended for her dedication to the cause of Christ. Despite this, her role in the church is unclear. Her name means “pure and radiant like the moon.” In the Bible, Paul refers to her as a “servant” and her role as a deaconess is not specified.

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    Although Paul does not mention her title, the Bible does mention her role as a deaconess in Romans 16. She is a servant to the saints, assisting the apostles and the churches and serving the poor and the sick. During her tenure in the church, she also may have ministered to orphans and widows, and even strangers.

    Phoebe as a deacon

    Phoebe is not explicitly described as a deacon in the Bible, although this role is implied in the text. Phoebe was likely the person responsible for carrying Paul’s letters to Rome, which is why she was called a deacon. She also had a reputation as a faithful servant.

    While it is not clear if Phoebe was actually a deacon in the early church, Paul likely understood her as such. The word ‘deacon’ has various meanings and can refer to a minister, overseer, or servant.

    The word “prostitis” used by Paul in 1 Timothy 3:8 is feminine and means “set over” or “over”. Prostitus refers to someone who is a teacher, preacher, or presiding over the Lord’s table.

    Phoebe as a deaconesses

    The word “deaconess” comes from the Greek word diakonos, which means “servant” and is used by Paul in the Book of Romans in chapter 13:4. It means “a servant of God,” but it is also the word for servant in general. In this case, a deaconess was a woman who served the church.

    Though not a Jew, Phoebe was a devout Christian. She bore the name of the Greek Moon-Goddess, which means “pure or radiant like the moon.” Paul describes her as a deaconess at the church in Cenchrea.

    Although Paul understood Phoebe as a deacon, her role in church leadership remains obscure. The early church did recognize both men and women as leaders. As Paul noted in the book of Acts, “men and women serve in an equal way,” women were able to carry Paul’s letters to Rome.

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