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Who Was the First Vampire in the Bible

    Who Was the First Vampire in the Bible?

    Vampires are mythical creatures. Although they are often depicted as being evil, there are some biblical references that suggest that vampires are real. Some sources even refer to Judas Iscariot as the first vampire. However, it is not clear who was the first vampire in the bible. There are a few recognizable names in the Bible, though, including Cain and Judas Iscariot.


    Vampires have been around for thousands of years. They have existed since the time of Adam and Eve. The first recorded instance of a vampire was Cain, the first son of Adam and Eve. Cain was a farmer, and he took a liking to his brother Abel’s offering. After killing his brother, Cain lied to God about where he had hidden the meat.

    Cain’s first love was Lilith, the first woman recorded in the Bible. The goddess of love and fertility appeared to Cain when she saw him wandering the earth. She saw that Cain possessed powers of a god, but he bore no signs of being a god. Nevertheless, Lilith welcomed Cain into her warmth. She also introduced herself to Cain as Adam’s original wife.

    Judas Iscariot

    According to the Book of Agulah, written in 843 A.D., Judas was restored to life by God, but with a twist. Judas would be cursed to walk the earth in the dark for eternity, and would fear the light. He would also have no chance of having children. This would make him the first vampire in the Bible, and it’s no surprise why so many people think of him as a vampire.

    Judas Iscariot was a traitor and betrayer of Jesus Christ. He was also a traitor to his master. He later rejoined the ‘Scarlet Brood’, which was an organization that promises to remake the world in their image, and provide all the pleasures of this world to its members. Judas accepted this offer without hesitation.


    It’s difficult to know for sure when vampires first appeared in myth, but some believe they were created at the same time as humankind in the Garden of Eden. Some Old Testament stories state that the sexes were created by God at the same time. Some say that the creation of vampires was the result of Lilith’s transgression against humankind.

    In Greek myth, Selene had a mortal body, but her soul was in Hades. As a result, Selene was a vampire. Artemis had Selene drink Ambrogio’s blood, and the two of them continued to produce hematophagistic offspring.


    Shesmu was an Egyptian God, Lord of the Blood. He was associated with revelry, singing, and blood. In fact, he was the God of blood, slaughtering the wicked and giving them their rightful share. Shesmu was a powerful deity, and was even able to make wine from the heads of his enemies.

    Shesmu was also a god of wine, and Egyptians worshiped him as such. In some myths, he was a lion-headed man, which was often associated with the goddess Nefertem. He was also associated with wine, and perfumes and oils.

    While many Bible passages do not mention the existence of vampires, the word alukah can mean blood-lusting monster. The word first appears in Proverbs 30. The vampires of the Old Testament are often referred to as strigoi.


    Judas Iscariot is thought to have been the first vampire in the bible. He betrayed Jesus Christ to the Romans and later committed suicide because of his guilt. Judas had red hair and was a notorious liar. Although he was not the first vampire in the bible, it is said that his red hair was indicative of his character. Vampires do not like silver, which Judas used to betray Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.

    Vampires have a dislike for silver, and because Judas was paid in silver for his betrayal of Christ, God cursed him. In response, Judas was cursed and turned into a half-human, half-demon. He roamed the earth for eternity as a vampire, with red eyes and fangs. Vampires also cannot have children.


    Lilith is a mythical creature in the Bible, mentioned only one time, and is a seductress of children. She is also known as lili, plural for lili, and has roots in ancient Babylonian mythology. The Babylonians regarded lili-demons as the spirits of young men, women, and children who died young. It was said that these spirits would sneak into homes and take victims, hoping to replace lost spouses.

    She was created by God to feed on human flesh, and she was able to take human life and feed on it. Her children would take after her and have vampiric characteristics. She was also able to feed on human blood, and her descendants would follow in her footsteps. Throughout the years, Lilith has spawned numerous vampiric descendants, which have made her a very popular character in popular culture.

    Shesmu’s immortality

    The Old Testament mentions the god Shesmu. His name, Shesmu, comes from the hieroglyph for a sack press. In the Old Kingdom, texts describe a feast honoring the god, with Shesmu bringing wine to the deceased king’s body to facilitate devination as the god Osiris. Because the red juice from the sack press is often thought to be the blood of the dead, Shesmu was associated with the blood of the deceased. He was also called “the slaughterer” and “red of the timbers.”

    The Bible also includes a brief discussion of immortality. As with the resurrection, immortality is a gift of God. It is also a recompense for faith in him.

    Cain’s decapitation

    The story of Cain’s decapitation in the Bible has several interpretations. It can be viewed in the context of Kabbalistic teachings. The Zohar, a thirteenth-century collection of Kabbalistic exegesis, says that Cain bit his brother because he did not know how to separate his soul from his body.

    Some scholars believe that the first recorded case of a vampire in the Bible was Cain. Cain was the first son of Adam, and was a farmer by profession. He killed his brother in what was believed to be the first crime outside the Garden of Eden. This incident cast him out of early civilization, and he was destined to wander the land of Nod. God cursed him with a thirst for blood, and Satan taunted him. Cain eventually ruled the land of Nod.

    Genesis does not mention Cain’s decapitation, but some authors believe that Cain became a vampire after he was cursed by God to never die. Vampires can regenerate through human blood, and their strength is beyond human. Cain is one of the most powerful vampires in history.

    Judas’s handprint

    Many people are familiar with the legend of Judas the Vampire. This legend is based on the fact that Judas was a betrayer of Christ. He received 30 pieces of silver as payment for betraying Christ and tried unsuccessfully to return them. However, he failed to return them and instead cast them away. As a result, Judas and his descendants were cursed and wandered the earth as vampires.

    The story of Judas the Vampire has various elements that support its notion. According to some scholars, Judas was cursed by God and thus destined to be the first vampire. God cursed Judas and his offspring by giving them a thirst for blood. It’s unclear exactly what kind of curse Judas received, but it’s certainly not a good one.

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