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Who Was the Most Humble Man in the Bible

    Who Is the Most Humble Man in the Bible?who was the most humble man in the bible

    When you read the Bible, you often see the names of some of the most humble people. Job, David, and Moses are just some of the examples. These men all had extraordinary roles to play, and they each embodied the traits of humility. Read on to discover what they had in common, and what you can learn from them.


    Moses is known in the Bible as the most humble man who ever lived. Even when he was in charge, he was willing to listen to advice from others. For example, when organizing Israel, he listened to advice from Jethro, a visitor who had just converted to Judaism a day before. Despite being in charge of the entire nation, Moses remained humble.

    In hindsight, Moses was able to understand the importance of humility and the power it brings. He saw the goodness that God had done with him as an infant, and how much he had benefited from the care of God. He also saw that God had given him intelligence and good looks – things that he would not have had otherwise.


    The story of Job shows us what happens when we become self-righteous. Job’s friends failed to help him because they thought his situation was a result of his sin and deserved punishment. This is a satanic mindset and the book of Job illustrates this well. Satan’s attack on Job proves that Job had a right attitude toward God, but it did not prevent him from being self-righteous.

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    In his complaint, Job explains that his problem was not a result of his actions but his inward thoughts. It was a problem of his perception of God and other people. Job knew he had no right to be condemned, but he thought he deserved it.


    In his first response to God’s promise, David demonstrates his humility in verses 16-25. He acknowledges his own insufficiency and recognizes the greatness and faithfulness of God. Then he chooses to submit to God’s will and partner with him in his plan.

    Despite his mighty military forces, David remained humble throughout his life. He never went to war unless he asked God for permission. Even in his most desperate moments, he would lift his eyes to God and praise God. His humble heart makes him a man after God’s own heart.

    David’s humble heart allowed him to become king. He lived in an environment of deep faith and humbleness before God, sharing his sorrows with his people. After his father, King Saul, died in battle, David became the king of Israel. However, his family and the loyalties of his predecessors did not want to give the throne to David. Moreover, he was living with the Philistines, who were the Israelites’ sworn enemies.


    The book of Daniel tells us that Daniel was a young man who had an incredible talent. He could have used it for his own benefit, but instead, he was humble and grateful to God. His humility was evident as he approached the commanders of the government, and he did not try to show off his gifts or brag about his status.

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    The king asked Daniel how he had been able to know the secrets of the kingdom, and Daniel responded by saying that no philosophers, soothsayers, or diviners could reveal the secret to him. But Daniel had more spirit and understanding than the others.

    Yeshua Jesus

    Yeshua Jesus was the most humble man to ever walk the Earth. He had every right to be a bold and powerful King, but instead chose to be a commoner. Even as a young child, he would have been targeted for murder by a wicked king. But Jesus came to Earth to serve and not to rule. He lived and died for the forgiveness of mankind’s sins.

    The Savior taught us to be humble through His actions. He was born in an animal shelter and laid in a manger that was used for feeding the animals. And his first visitors were the most humble men: shepherds. We are told that humble people are those who submit to the will of God.