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Who Was the Richest Man in the Bible

    Solomon, the Richest Man in the Bible, Was Also One of the Wisest Men Ever to Live

    Solomon, the richest man in the Bible, was also one of the wisest men ever to live. He used his wisdom to share with others. He wrote his wisdom in the Book of Proverbs. In it, he wrote that wisdom is better than silver and fine gold.

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    David, God’s chosen king of Israel, was far wealthier than any other man in the Bible. His gold was worth more than 89 billion dollars today! This amount exceeds half the world’s monetary gold wealth. This wealth includes bonds, stocks, and deposits. Considering today’s prices, this amount of wealth is simply astonishing!

    While David was known as the richest man in the Bible, he was not perfect. He had numerous enemies who wanted to destroy him. However, he did not seek to replace Saul as king. He also shot down Saul’s aides who tried to harm him.

    While David was rich, he was not content to spend all of his wealth. He desired to give something back to the Lord. He sought guidance from the prophet Gad, who told David what God wanted from him. David was offered a free threshing floor, but he refused it, stating that his treasure was better spent on God.

    When David’s son died, he grieved. He then went to the house of the Lord and worshiped. He also comforted his wife, Bathsheba. Then, she gave birth to Solomon.