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Who Was the Youngest King in the Bible

    Joash – The Youngest King in the Bible

    Joash was the youngest king in the Bible, and was just seven years old when he began his reign. He was the only son of Ahaziah and Athaliah. He ruled for forty years. Read on to learn more about Joash. You’ll be surprised by his incredible stature and accomplishments. And you’ll see why we like to learn about his life.


    Josiah became king of Judah when he was eight years old. He reigned for 31 years and did what was right in the eyes of the LORD. Josiah also followed the ways of his father David. During his eighth year of reign, he began to seek God. He ordered repairs to the Temple in Jerusalem, which was considered to be the earthly dwelling place of God.

    Josiah had a significant influence on his people while he was young. His life was one of obedience and he was blessed for it. He made it a point to read the Bible to his people, and he made a commitment to live by it. As a result, the people of Judah were influenced by his example of obedience.

    Josiah had the wisdom to listen to God’s warnings and obey God’s commands. He knew that Judah deserved judgment because they had sinned for too long and refused to repent. God had been angry with the people, but He had made an exception for Josiah and deferred their punishment until the death of Josiah. Therefore, it is vital that we follow God’s word, whether it be in a book or in our lives.

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    King Manasseh served as a shepherd to God’s people. The son of Hezekiah and Hephzibah, he reversed the reforms his father had enacted. He allowed the worship of Baal in The Temple, and encouraged the worship of Assyrian gods, including those associated with the stars and planets.

    Although Manasseh was given many privileges, he sinned horribly. God condemned him along with all the prophets, priests, and watchmen in his time. He also condemned blind people and dumb dogs. Even the youngest king of Israel was not safe from sin and apostasy.

    Manasseh sought the Lord when he was in deep distress. He humbled himself before the god of his ancestors and prayed to God for deliverance. After a period of exile in Babylon, God brought him back to Judah, where he strengthened the fortifications of the cities. He then repented for his sins and reaffirmed his loyalty to God.

    God spoke to Manasseh through the prophets. He repented sincerely, but the people continued with their perverse practices. When the Assyrians came to Manasseh’s homeland, they captured him in irons and enslaved him to Babylon. Despite his plight, Manasseh repented before Yahweh and asked him to stop the inhuman acts. Eventually, he was restored to his throne, where he led the Jewish people into the promised land.


    The Bible mentions a number of young kings, including Joash, the youngest of all. Joash was killed in his sleep by officials after being accused of murdering a priest’s son. If you want to know more about these young kings, you can check out THE BIBLE ANSWER’S Facebook page or Instagram account.

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    During the time of Jesus, Neco was king of Samaria, Bethel and Egypt. He ruled in an era when the Jews were ruled by the Babylonians. He was attempting to create a buffer state between the two nations, ensuring that Egypt had control of the Syro-Palestinian region.

    Josiah realized that Neco was a threat to the independence of Judah. So, he tried to stop the Egyptians from crossing the Megiddo pass, but Josiah was defeated and mortally wounded. As a result, Neco was able to take control of Syria as far as the Euphrates.


    According to the Bible, Uzziah was the youngest king to reign in Israel. He violated God’s law by entering the temple and burning incense, which was forbidden. He also violated the general principle of God’s dealings with Israel, which was that no king should be both priest and prophet. The two offices should only be held by people from the Aaron family, which was the firstborn of God.

    Uzziah was only sixteen years old when he began his reign. However, his reign was successful in many ways. His leadership helped the people of Israel achieve many military victories. He was a visionary and an energetic builder. However, his life ended tragically.

    It’s not known why he died so young. There are several theories surrounding his death. One is that he contracted a skin disease. As a result of this, he had to live in a leper’s house until he died.