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Who Was the Youngest Son of Jacob in the Bible

    Who Was the Youngest Son of Jacob in the Bible? who was the youngest son of jacob in the bible

    We know that Jacob was the firstborn son of Abraham and was the spiritual leader of the family. However, Jacob deceived his father Isaac and went off to live with his uncle Laban, where he fell in love with his uncle’s younger daughter Rachel. However, Laban tricked him into marrying his older daughter Leah, so Jacob had to work for her for seven years.


    The youngest son of Jacob, Joseph was beloved by his father and favored by his brothers. However, he was sold into slavery by his brothers and sold into the land of Egypt, where he was later freed and crowned as the ruler of Egypt. Joseph’s dream interpretation was used to help him gain favor with the pharaoh, and he eventually ascended to the highest office in his kingdom. He also was credited with acquiring supplies for the people during the famine. Joseph’s brothers eventually travel to Egypt, seeking food, and worship him, but Joseph does not recognize them and is not recognized by them.

    The names and ages of the sons of Jacob are listed in Genesis 41:46. The first column gives the approximate age of each brother when Joseph first had his dreams, while the second column gives the age of each son at the time of his brothers’ entry into Egypt. In Genesis 41:46, Joseph was thirty years old when he entered the service of Pharaoh, the king of Egypt.

    Joseph’s life story is an excellent example of God’s providence. When Jacob was away, Joseph often kept his brothers in mind. Even though he was rich and powerful, he was also modest and did not live in luxury. Even when his brothers came to purchase grain, Joseph would order the entry only after writing down his father’s name.


    Esau was the youngest son of Jacob in Genesis, and he was named after his father’s firstborn son. This is a story that will be familiar to all Christians, who believe in the divine nature of our existence. The Bible describes how Esau came to be, and how his birthright came into play.

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    Unlike his brother, Esau was a non-filial son. He had no sacred values and was easily conned. This resulted in Esau’s violent anger, which resembled that of Cain. This anger stemmed from his refusal to accept responsibility for his actions.

    Esau’s marriage to two Hittite women displeased Isaac and his parents, and he subsequently tried to please his father by marrying his own daughters. However, when his father was away, Esau sought permission to marry the daughter of Ishmael, the daughter of his brother Ishmael. This resulted in a great deal of concern among Christians.

    After the feud between the two sons had ended, Esau relocated to Seir. As a result, his family and his flocks were split up. During this time, four mighty angels appeared as two thousand soldiers. Esau resolved to go and meet Jacob, and the two were reconciled. Afterward, Jacob received Esau with brotherly affection. According to some rabbis, Esau really repented at this meeting, but others believe he was just playing the hypocrite.

    Esau, who had been the firstborn son, despised his birthright and was prone to neglect his responsibilities. Jacob, on the other hand, was ambitious, hardworking, and a real hustler. He was therefore better suited to take the leadership of the Israelite family, which was rapidly growing into a nation. Esau should have offered Jacob the leadership role.


    The oldest son of Jacob was Reuben, and the other four sons were Asher, Dan, and Naphtali. Jacob was a very good father, and his children were mighty men in the army of God. They were known as the tribes of Israel. Jacob’s children were blessed by the covenant God made with Abraham.

    Naphtali was the youngest son, and he was allied with the tribe of Bilhah, a woman who was Rachel’s servant. His firstborn child, Dan, was born to this servant. Naphtali was a leader and the founder of one of the twelve tribes of Israel. His name is also given to a region in northern Israel near the Sea of Galilee.

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    The Bible describes Naphtali as independent, and it mentions that he was an important man. His descendants fought the Canaanites and defeated Sisera. They also joined David in Hebron. They are also mentioned in the Bible, in Revelation 7:1-8.

    Jacob’s family is largely delineated in the bible. He calls his 12 sons to his side as he neared death. He tells them about what was to happen in the days to come. It’s interesting to note that his children are considered Bilhah’s sons because of this.

    Jacob was also negative about Reuben, his firstborn son. Reuben was entitled to double inheritance, royal realm, priesthood, and more, but lost all of this after committing adultery with Bilhah. After the death of Reuben, Jacob adopted Joseph’s two other sons, Naphtali and Simeon. Their family had a history of deceit and jealousy.

    Naphtali’s military skill

    The bible records that Naphtali had a great military skill. He fought against the Syrians in Ramoth Gilead, but was defeated. He returned to Jezreel to recover. During this time, he was visited by King Ahaziah son of Jehoram.

    Esau’s relationship with Jacob

    Esau’s relationship with Jacob begins during a time of crisis. Esau was born first and knew that his father would expect him to be the leader. He made an impulsive decision in order to gain Isaac’s approval and was caught up in the consequences of his past impetuous choices. Esau had never surrendered himself to God as his Lord. As a result, he did not share the meal with Jacob.

    When Esau and Isaac first met, Isaac was still favoring Esau over Jacob. Esau was a hairy, rugged man who was a fornicator and profane. He had a history of fornicating and marrying Canaanite women. While Jacob was a godly man, Esau did not share his Godliness.

    Esau’s wives brought grief to Isaac, and he wanted to please his aging father. He therefore wanted to marry Ishmael’s daughter Mahalath. But Rebekah had other plans, and Esau hid in Haran for twenty years. Then, he learned that Jacob was coming with a large caravan. Jacob sent messengers ahead to reassure Esau of his peaceful intent. After years of resentment, Esau went out to meet Jacob. The two men remained friends and lived in peace afterward.

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    Jacob lied to Isaac several times, but Isaac recognized the voice of his son and gave him the blessing that Esau had been holding by birthright. Esau falsely complained to Isaac about the deception. Later, when Isaac was dead, he declared his intention to kill Jacob.

    Jacob’s relationship with Rachel

    During the course of Genesis, we learn about Jacob’s relationship with Rachel. Rachel was a jealous and demanding woman. She was unhappy and envious of Jacob, and she used her jealousy against him by peddling his affections to Leah for a night in exchange for love apples. Jacob was angry with her for blaming him for her infertility, but he remained loyal to her throughout her life, even when the relationship was at its worst.

    Jacob loved Rachel so much that he agreed to serve Uncle Laban for seven years in exchange for Rachel. He had nothing else to offer Laban and was not able to give Rachel the dowry he desired. However, he made this deal because he thought that Rachel was his favorite wife. She was unmatched in beauty and must have had a beautiful soul.

    Jacob’s behavior toward Rachel also reflects that of his father. Rachel steals from her father’s household gods, and this behavior resembles that of Jacob. In fact, Rachel’s behavior reflects many Christian behaviors. While Jacob steals Esau’s birthright, Rachel may have stolen the gods to secure her property rights. If Rachel had stolen these gods, Laban would never have given them to her.

    Ultimately, Rachel’s desire to be the mother of Jacob’s children made her jealous and desperate. She tried to convince Jacob to take a maidservant named Bilhah as his wife, but the woman refused. Jacob did not realize how much he would need these qualities when he and his children would be living in exile.