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Who’s the Oldest Person in the Bible

Who’s the Oldest Person in the Bible? whos the oldest person in the bible

Among the many ages mentioned in the Bible, the oldest person is Methuselah, and his name is associated with eternal life. Among other biblical ages, Methuselah’s age is 969 years. In addition to being one of the oldest people in the Bible, Methuselah also ranked among the most influential. His family tree connects Adam and Noah.


Methuselah is a character in the Bible. He was the son of Enoch and the grandfather of Noah. According to the Bible, he lived 969 years. His birth name indicates that he had a long life, but this doesn’t necessarily mean he was the oldest person in the Bible. Some people believe that he lived for a long time because God was giving Noah time to prepare the ark and repent.

Many other Bible characters were old. Enoch, Noah, and Seth all lived for many years. Adam lived for 930 years, and Seth, Enosh, and Kenan lived for more than nine hundred years. In addition to Methuselah, other long-lived men in the Bible included Enoch and Lamech.

According to the Bible, Methuselah lived to be 969 years old. He was the grandfather of Noah and lived long enough to see many sunsets. His descendants, Noah, and Jared, also lived to be over nine hundred years old. And even though they lived for so long, they weren’t as old as Noah.

Methuselah was born around 200 years after Noah and died nine hundred years after the Flood. He was the last of the righteous patriarchs. The Bible doesn’t say whether Methuselah was the oldest person in the Bible, but the family line from Adam to Noah is considered “righteous.”

Although Methuselah is only mentioned briefly in the Bible, his life is important. His long life is a sign of God’s patience. He waited for mankind to repent and come to Him. The Bible also states that he was the father of Enoch and Lamech, as well as the grandfather of Noah.

Methuselah lived over 968 years. The age of most people at the time was seventy years. It is believed that humans lived longer before the Flood, since there was no disease. God needed people to live long to reproduce. However, it is still unclear what happened to Methuselah’s lifespan before Noah entered the ark.

The days before the Great Flood were mysterious. The people lived in the Old Testament, when sin had not yet entered the world. In those days, they lived in a dry climate. There was more vegetation, and their life spans were long.


Seth is the oldest person in the Bible, having been created by God in the beginning of the world. He is also the ancestor of Noah. The rest of the human species perished in the Great Flood, but Seth survived to be the father of mankind. Seth is revered as the righteous son of God and is revered in both Jewish and Islamic traditions. Seth was born around 130 AM and lived to be 91 years old. He fathered 33 sons and 23 daughters. He died in 1042 AM.

In addition to Noah, Seth is also mentioned in two other places in the Bible. One is in the First Book of Chronicles, in the genealogy of Noah. The other is in the Gospel of Luke, as the ancestor of Jesus. In Luke’s genealogy, Seth is listed as the second human on the genealogy of Jesus.

Seth was the third son of Adam and Eve and was born after the murder of his brother Abel. According to the Bible, Seth was God’s plan for Adam and Eve and was meant to be a replacement for his brother. Seth lived 912 years before dying.

Seth was born 365 years after Adam and Eve. Adam lived for 800 years, and was the grandfather of Noah. Seth’s son Enosh was born at ninety-three years after Adam died. Seth had eight other children, including Noah, and lived until he was 912 years old.

The Bible mentions the oldest person in the Bible three times. Adam is the oldest person in the Bible and was the first to die, so it is believed he died before the first child was born. During his lifetime, Adam had seven sons, the youngest being Kenan.

Another person who was older than Noah was Methuselah. Methuselah was the son of Enoch and the father of Lamech. Methuselah lived for 969 years.


The Bible lists the ages of 10 of the oldest people in history. The oldest of these individuals, Methuselah, lived 969 years. Other Bible records mention people who lived for more than a thousand years. Some people believe that God’s word is true, while others don’t.

Mahalalel lived 850 years, and was the ancestor of Noah. His ancestor Adam was about nine hundred and thirty years old when he died. The Bible mentions him eight times in the Bible, but his name is usually written differently. Some translations refer to him as Maleleel, while others spell his name differently.

The oldest Bible characters live in the Book of Genesis. They are known as the Antediluvian patriarchs. Their descendants, Adam and Noah, walked this earth in the days before the Flood. All of these men lived long lives prior to the Flood. In fact, most of them lived to be over 900 years old. This makes them the oldest men in their lineage.

Methuselah was a man who lived for over nine hundred years. He was the grandfather of Noah and the father of Lamech. He was around 200 years old when Lamech was born, and he died after Noah’s Flood. The story of Methuselah’s life has become part of popular culture, and people have even used his name to refer to someone who is very old.

This story is fascinating and enlightening. It tells us that the Bible was written before the flood, and many of the people in the Bible lived for many centuries. According to the Bible, people in the past were much healthier than they are today, so it’s not surprising that they lived long lives. In fact, some people in the Bible lived to over a million years.

Methuselah is the oldest man in the Bible. He lived 365 years before his father, Enoch. Methuselah’s 365 years are a record for the oldest person on earth.


The oldest person in the Bible is a descendant of Adam and Eve, called Kenan. He lived nine hundred and thirty years before the Flood, and was the grandson of Seth and Adam. His bloodline ultimately led to Joseph, Jesus’ cousin and husband. However, Kenan’s life isn’t as well-documented as Seth’s.

The Bible is an amazing account of the life of the people of the Old Testament. The life spans of the first humans were long, with some even living to be a thousand years or more. The Old Testament is full of examples of the extended lives of many of the most influential people of the ancient world. Noah’s son Shem, for example, lived for five hundred years after the flood and is a distant relative of Abraham.

The next oldest person in the Bible is Methuselah, who lived between Adam and Noah. He was the great-great-great-grandfather of Noah. His lifespan is 969 years, which is significantly longer than our own. During the time of the Flood, Noah and his family were the only people remaining on earth who were righteous.

The oldest person in the Bible is Adam, the first man to be created by God. His lineage eventually leads to Noah, who becomes the father of the human race. As the oldest man in the Bible, his life was marked by tragedy. He was murdered by his brother, but God used his son to take his place.

Among the other oldest people in the Bible, Kenan is a descendant of Adam, who lived nine hundred and thirty years. His name means “man” and the son of Seth, Enosh, means mortal. This word derives from the root anash, which means incurable.

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