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Who’s Who in the Bible

    Who’s Who in the Bible

    This comprehensive, easy-to-use guide is packed with key facts about the Bible and important historical events. The Complete Book of Who’s Who is full of character profiles and details of important places and events from the Bible. It also includes a timeline of 1,001 significant events in Christian history.

    Profiles of more than 500 biblical characters

    Bible Characters: Visual Encyclopedia is a comprehensive reference guide to the Bible characters and their stories. With a focus on biblical events, Bible Characters tells the stories of a wide variety of biblical figures and their teachings. The Encyclopedia also includes key quotes from each character and puts them in their historical context. Each spread emphasizes key events and highlights the impact of biblical characters on human history.

    The Bible is filled with thousands of characters, some of whom play more significant roles than others. These include the first humans, God, the Apostles, Jesus, and the prophets. The Bible describes all these characters as “one flesh” (one spirit), but some characters are more prominent than others.


    The Bible is not one single manuscript, but rather a compilation of texts by over 40 different authors. Many of these texts are anonymous. For example, the gospels of Jesus, written in the first person, are not actually written by Jesus’ disciples, but are rewritten versions of psalms.

    There are numerous sources to support this claim. For example, Jean-Pierre Isbouts, author of the best-selling Bible reference books In the Footsteps of Jesus and The Biblical World, has created a reference book with more than 2,000 entries. This book highlights the lives of important Biblical figures and events.

    The Bible contains several prophets. Among them is King David. David is one of the most important people in the Bible. In the Bible, God makes a special promise to David. He will rule over an everlasting kingdom.

    Editorial board members

    Editorial board members in the Bible are scholars with various backgrounds. These scholars provide insight into the Bible. In addition, they serve as resources for teaching and learning. In 1965, the NIV committee was formed. The committee was made up of members representing various denominations and disciplines. The founding members of the committee included E. Leslie Carlson, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Edmund P. Clowney, and Kenneth S. Kantzer, president of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. These men later resigned their positions, and their successors were Youngve Kindberg, Richard Longenecker, and Donald Wiseman. In 1979, the board was joined by Ron Youngblood, Professor of Semitic Languages at Bethel College, and Fr. Eugen J. Pentiuc, an Orthodox scholar who teaches the Old Testament.

    The new millennium Bible has also added a Polish member, Fr. Andrew Gieniusz. A member of the Polish Province of Resurrectionists, Fr. Andrew is also an editor for the prestigious quarterly Biblica, which is published by the Pontifical Biblical Institute. The Congregation recognizes his nomination to its editorial board.


    This popular reference book, published by Tyndale House Publishers, contains key facts and information about Biblical characters, including their lives and places. It also includes an extensive timeline. The book is written in a magazine style and includes color maps and photographs of more than 500 people. It also provides detailed biographical sketches of many of the biblical characters.

    The book features more than 2,000 entries, and covers the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Written by best-selling author Jean-Pierre Isbouts, this book offers interesting information about the Bible’s key events and figures. The author explores both the Old and New Testaments and highlights key moments in biblical history.

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