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Why Did People in the Bible Have Multiple Wives

    Why Did People in the Bible Have Multiple Wives?why did people in the bible have multiple wives

    Polygamy was not God’s original plan, but it was allowed in certain circumstances. Ultimately, it caused a lot of spiritual and familial devastation. But despite what the Bible says, the practice is still common today. And while it may be convenient to some, it is clearly not in God’s plan.

    Polygamy was not God’s original plan

    Polygamy is a modern phenomenon that is against God’s original plan for marriage. In the Bible, God makes marriage as a two-parent institution. He created Adam and his wife Eve, and he saw that it was not good for Adam to live alone. He gave Adam one woman to be his wife. And while God doesn’t make laws for polygamy, he did create them to protect women.

    In the Old Testament, God speaks of polygamy and tells us what happened when Abraham chose Hagar. Hagar was his slave, while Sarah was his free woman. Abram and Sarah were the same sex in the Bible, but Hagar tended to have the most children.

    Many Bible passages warn against polygamy. The Bible also shows that polygamy leads to division and rivalry. Many examples of biblical polygamy show how polygamy is perverted and ugly. Besides this, polygamy is not God’s original plan, and was not originally intended to be practiced.

    The original plan for marriage was for man to have one wife. God did not create polygamy for males and females to be separated, and in fact, polygamy has disastrous results for the two genders. Polygamy is morally wrong and goes against God’s laws of nature.

    Even though polygamy is the result of sin, God’s original design for marriage is monogamous. But the rebellion of man led him to make marriage polygamous. It was Lamech, the descendant of Cain, who was the first polygamist. Although polygamy was tolerated during the Os Testament era, it was never God’s original plan and brought about numerous heartaches. Further, Jesus warned against laxity and said that it would not be tolerated under a Christian regime.

    King Solomon had dozens of wives and a harem. However, these women were not sexual partners. In fact, many of them were treated as property. Many of them were traded with other nations to ensure peace. The harem system was unnatural and abusive to women. It also deprived eligible men from pursuing wives.

    In the Bible, polygamy was a way to protect women. A second or third wife would have more care and protection than an unmarried woman. In addition to that, she would be able to bear children and protect her family. Moreover, she would be protected from strangers and have a chance to help rescue a family. If her first wife was barren, the second or third wives could bear children and continue the family name.

    It was allowed in other circumstances

    According to the Old Testament, multiple wives are permitted under certain circumstances, such as when a man is fleeing to safety from his enemies. In addition, a widow without children was automatically betrothed to the next brother in line. However, in other circumstances, multiple wives were not allowed.

    Historically, polygamy was common in the Old Testament. Men such as Moses, David, and Solomon all had multiple wives. However, this practice was never endorsed by God. Moses, Samuel, and King David each had multiple wives, while Solomon had nearly 700 wives and 300 concubines. In spite of these blatant examples of polygamy, the Bible discourages the practice in most situations.

    In addition, polygamy was permitted by Jesus in his day, when the Bible was still in effect. As a Jew, Jesus allowed a widow to marry her former husband’s brother, thereby negating the claim that the Bible prohibits it. Further, in Matthew 22:24-28, polygamy is allowed under certain circumstances. Matthew 22:30 states that no man will marry multiple women at the time of his resurrection.

    It caused spiritual and familial devastation

    The devastation caused by multiple wives is horrific. Many of the drug addicts’ children were deprived of a loving home, a father who loved them, and a future to grow up in. These children also lost the opportunity to learn about the love of Jesus and live for Him.

    It was not in accordance with God’s design

    Many of the Old Testament saints had multiple wives. While this is not evidence that God approved of polygamy, it is clear that polygamy is a deviation from God’s original intent for marriage. It was also a practice of constant adultery, which is not in accordance with God’s design.

    For example, King David had eight wives and ten concubines. One of his sons, Absalom, had a wife named Tamar. He also slept with a woman named Amnon, who was the son of one of his wives. He ultimately killed Amnon to marry Tamar.

    Many theologians have questioned whether God created marriage in order to serve as a model for Christ’s spiritual marriage. In other words, the first marriage in creation may have served as a type of the marriage between Christ and His church. Even though polygamy is not part of God’s design, it was part of human history. The Bible even mentions multiple wives in the book of Genesis.

    The Bible also provides many examples of men having multiple wives. Some of these men had multiple wives and even used sex slaves. They were not rebuked by God for having multiple wives. In fact, in the Old Testament, God even told David that he could have more wives if he asked.

    Polygamy among the patriarchs is not in line with God’s design for marriage. God never thunders or condemns them for their polygamous behavior, and the Bible notes these examples only in passing. While the patriarchs of Israel had several wives, they were not in accordance with God’s design for marriage.

    Many believe the Bible supports polygamy in its context. However, it has also been misinterpreted by scholars who argue that multiple wives in the Bible were not in God’s design. For instance, the book of 2 Samuel describes the marriage of David with Bathsheba, which leads to David’s eventual downfall.

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