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Why Do the Gideons Put Bibles in Hotels

    Bibles in Hotels – Why Do the Gideons Put Bibles in Hotels? why do the gideons put bibles in hotels

    The Bibles in Hotels Program is an initiative of the Gideons, a group that places Bibles in hotels for their guests to read. They are provided free of charge by the Gideon branch. The bibles are placed in the housekeeping department of hotels when they are newly opened. The Bible covers are colored according to the religion of the hotel. Other hotels have religious texts like the Book of Mormon or the Buddhist scriptures. However, some hotels have refused to offer them.

    They are a recruiting tool

    Providing Bibles to hotel guests is a longstanding tradition started by the Gideons International. Founded in 1899, the Gideons is an organization of evangelical Christian businessmen who believe in spreading the gospel. In 1908, the group began providing Bibles to every hotel room in the United States. Since then, they have distributed more than 2.4 billion Bibles.

    In 2008, 84 percent of hotel rooms contained Bibles and other religious materials. By 2016, the number had dropped to 69 percent. The numbers are fluctuating, however, because some hotels do not report accurately. The latest data from STR research company shows that hotels are reconsidering the content of their rooms and Bibles are no longer an exception.

    Bibles are distributed in many ways, including to homeless people and rescue missions. In fact, they have been a recruiting tool for the Gideons for over a century. In addition to providing bibles to the homeless, they also conduct regular meetings and retreats. They also display their literature and promotional materials in various venues.

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    Bibles in hotels are a recruiting tool of the Gideons. The Gideons are an Evangelical Christian organization of men. The group places Bibles in hotels for free to attract guests. This campaign has been ongoing since 1908.

    The Gideons’ mission began with a Bible left on a hotel nightstand. These salesmen believed these Bibles would help lonely travelers who might be seeking comfort. Today, the Gideons have placed more than two billion Bibles in venues worldwide.

    The Bibles are paid for by donations, likely from individuals or churches that support the Gideons. Once placed in a hotel, they reach up to 2,300 people during a six-year period. The Bibles are often distributed by hotel staff members.

    The Gideons’ name and logo are trademarked in more than 190 countries. If you want to use these trademarks, you must obtain permission from the Gideons. Do not use the Gideons’ name or logo on novelty items, such as pens and jewelry.

    The number of hotels that provide Bibles has dropped over the last eight years. The percentage of hotels providing Bibles in their rooms decreased from 95% in 2006 to 48% in 2016. While some sources question these numbers, they do show a decline in the number of hotels providing the materials.

    A Gideon member brought up the topic at a prayer meeting recently. She said she is worried that the Gideon name is being misused by other groups. It could cause confusion in churches. But the Gideons have reason to be concerned.

    The Gideons also distribute Bibles in hotels. Its mission makes it possible for these Bibles to reach a large number of people. The Gideons have even distributed Bibles to children in a Missouri school district. While some Missouri school districts have banned the Gideons from handing out Bibles to their students, many others continue the practice.

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    They are an amenity

    A century ago, the Gideons began distributing Bibles in hotel rooms to their patrons. Nowadays, you can find Bibles at most international hotel chains. But, these Bibles are rarely mentioned in the hotel’s marketing. Though the bibles have positive messages, there are some parts that don’t age well. For example, a gay guest might not appreciate a bible passage calling for stoning a woman who has sex before marriage.

    Providing Bibles in hotels is a controversial practice. Gideons leaders claim that bible messages are effective in reaching troubled people and that they can be used as an instrument to convert others to the Christian faith. But it’s not clear whether hotels are legally bound to stock Bibles in hotel rooms. While the hotel is not responsible for providing the Bibles, it allows the Gideons to do it. They supplement the Bibles with other religious literature for guests.

    Bibles in hotel rooms have helped many people come to faith in Jesus Christ. Some people even found salvation through reading a Gideon Bible during a crisis and have avoided suicide. Bibles have also helped those in need to write down phone numbers and notes.

    The Gideons ministry started in Wisconsin in 1898 and has distributed millions of Bibles and New Testaments throughout the world. The ministry is a group of believers who are dedicated to making the Word of God accessible to everyone. Their goal is to reach every soul for Christ.

    Gideons International has expanded to more than 300,000 members and has placed over 1.8 billion Bibles in hotel rooms in 196 countries. They distribute two Bibles every second. This is one of their most visible contributions. Bibles are free to guests, so putting one in a hotel is a great way to promote Christian hospitality.

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    Gideons International has a mission to put Bibles in hotel rooms to bring people to Jesus Christ. The organization started with traveling salesmen, who thought that placing a Bible in a hotel room would help travelers find peace. Today, the organization has spread Bibles to hospitals, prisons, and other places.